Need recommendations for speakers

I am actually trying to put together a small set up for my dad. Something that comes under 300 dollar total and my dad is into some karaoke too occasionally so will need a slot for a mic. Bookshelf speakers maybe ?? Any help is appreciated am new to this.

Welcome to HFGF! It sounds like you need speaker AND an amplifier for that price, yes? Just want to be clear so we can give better recommendations.

What part of the world is dad ?

Indian if you go specific South India

I guess ya but I’ll need an amp that has a mic input ??

Thats a tough one.

May I ask why ??

Recommend: micca o0o 99.00USD or neumiBS5 89.00USD amazon usa. For performance/price neumiBS5, form/performance/price micca o0o.

You have a tough niche to fill for the price range. You can look into Pyle for the amplifier/mixer. They’ll have something functional, but you get what you pay for.