Need some advice

I’ll try to keep this brief. So long story short I just got my Tin T2s and they’re great and all but my phone’s dac SUCKS so I need a cheap portable option. I looked for dongles and bought this:
because it has good reviews but the problem is that it sounds lower than my phone! I’m gonna return this tomorrow but I need to find a replacement. So I looked around and found the Xduuo Link.

I watched Z’s review of it and it seemed like what I was looking for but then I looked at the specs and the output power is also [email protected], just like the first one. I don’t understand how Zeos was able to power the T60s with it but my T2’s sound so quiet. Unless I’m not reading the specs right it seems that I need to find something with more power. I don’t care for bluetooth and want something cheaper than the ES100. Any good alternatives would be appreciated. Thanks!

your phones output power probably isnt supplying enough to the amp. my cheap fiio ubtr powers my t2’s and t4’s loud so you could use that as well.