Need some help to maybe find what can be my dream headphones

hello everyone ! well i have the HD58X and recently bought the thieaudio phantoms which are still being tested and modded ( so far so good but i think i could get better for my taste).
well after the phantoms came and i listened to them with my music style which is heavy metal and acoustics songs, i found them lacking a bit in the heavy metal music. which lead me to kind of gather up my mind about my needs in an headphones. (acoustics are great btw )
i need something intimate, detailed, focused, mids forward a bit, i just want to search more option to my future next purchase that i want to be focused on the best heavy metal/screams experience i can get.
want to get the kick in the face when it hits and want to be able to pick everything as much as possible as clean as possible <3
thanks a lot for any suggestion !

What is your budget? dt1990’s are “intimate, detailed, focused, mids forward a bit”

id say top 400$-500$, can save up more if the extra money really makes a big enough of a deference

I would say the dt1990 or the sendy aiva may be of interest to you

so you want something agressive and very detailed with a mid focus right?

The focal elex also might be something to consider

Try the ah mm400 but be aware of quality control issues

Might want to wait for the Monolith 1570. If it’s an LCD 4 clone, should be pretty intense, fast, and detailed

Well I would wait for those to be well reviewed. The initial reviews might be a bit hyped. I’m assuming they decided to go for lcd 4, but that doesn’t mean they got it right

Absolutely. Buying it on day one would be a shot in the dark.

I’m just concerned that it will be like the original m1060 (hype wise), it kinda was a disappointment when I got mine, but that was like the one time I decided to fall for the hype

Would the Grado RS1 work?

I wouldn’t classify the DT1990 as mid forward. It’s more neutral to me.

Even though the 1990 isn’t mid forward like you noted, it is pretty speedy and detailed, and great for the price. Although it isn’t super intimate it is aggressive.

The Grado’s would be a pretty interesting pick, as I think they work well with metal and rock and are pretty intimate, but they lack in detail and extended high and low end compared to the beyer and also can get congested and have separation with fast music, that being said they do have a good signature for the type of music. I would try a pair of grados first if possible as they aren’t as universally agreeable as the 1990

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indeed :slight_smile: something i can listen to my music and when something hits i can’t be calm about it and keep my own business, when i listen to new music i need to experience well those little things that with the right headphones can take my focus away from anything im doing and say “ah, that was something, what song it is again?”
with the phantoms right now i feel like everything is getting by and it’s like i miss songs and music that might be great for me but they just can’t take my attention .

also really big thank you to everyone for all the suggestion !
the 1990’s do look interesting, well i started with the hd58x and loved that it manged to keep me focused and pay attention to the music even though it does not have the greatest detailed, specially compared to my phantoms.
thought about the 660s but don’t know if they worth the extra 350$ over the 58x i already got .
well ill keep do my search and thank you again ! if you got anything else that goes on your mind please feel free to share <3

sounds interesting :slight_smile:

Yeah seems to be you want something narrow ish and hits hard. The 1990s are a good choice but they have a wide soundstage and is not very aggressive.but definitely quite detailed. I would say maybe the m1060c but new monolith products are coming out so I would wait till they released

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agree, narrow soundstage might be important. it may help to the intimacy and the focusing of the sound

The m1060 and m1060c and probably also the new stuff is going to be fairly wide as well, not something I would call intimate

The sendy aiva and focal elex are pretty good at that, as they have a more aggressive clear and detailed sound that’s more intimate. The mids on the elex are more forward then the sendy though

Also I would say that unless you really like your 58x, there isn’t a big enough difference to justify an upgrade to the 660