Need some help with a HT setup I'm doing for a friend

So friend asked me to put together a 3.1 speaker/ht setup for him, primarily for movies and gaming. He needs everything including the avr. Budget is $1000. I was thinking those jbl studio 570 towers that are on sale rn with a 520 center and a 12in klipsch sub (the one that is $200).

Don’t know about the receiver, needs to be a 5.1 as he want to possibly add to it later on. Also need it to be 4k/60 and hdr capable. probably around $200 to meet budget. If anyone has any suggestions or advice or even an alternate setup in mind I’m welcome to any help.

No experience with Onkyo, just stumbled over the TX-SR393. At $350, it leaves you 650 for speakers.

The new yamaha RX-V4A $379