Need something that runs the Beyerdynamic DT880 efficiently and more!

I currently run the Beyerdynamic DT 880 on the xDuoo TA-26, i set the volume to the max, and it still doesn’t sound that loud, don’t get me wrong it get loud enough, but i want more volume to play with and not play the Amp at max volume all the time. I am looking for a sound signature where you hear everything up close a personal, but also sound natural and airy.

What source and DAC are you using?

PC and Aune X8 Magic Dac

and your windows volume is maxed at 100? if the dac has a volume control is that also maxed at 100?

The sound distorts when i set the Dac to max volume

I think the Dac is the problem

do you have the rcas hooked up to the right output? should be on the audio out rcas, not the preamp out rcas.

I had on Preamp out, i thought it was right because it was louder lol

It sounds much better lol No more distortion on max volume on the Dac

Now my comfortable level for the volume is 72

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Good to hear it’s fixed now

I am curious on the xDuoo TA-10R Tube Headphone Amp, is the specs better than the TA-26? I know it’s a hybrid Tube amp.

I am switching to SMSL SU-8s as soon as it arrives, trying out because i like the sound signature where everything sounds like it’s in front of you