Need subwoofer and amplifier help/recommendations

Hey! I need some help deciding on a speaker amp and a subwoofer. I have a pair of Micca MB42X’s right now, and I was looking to add some more bass to my desk setup. I have a cheap Kinter 2020a+ amp that distorts the audio at about 1/3 volume.

For a subwoofer, I was looking at something like a Micca MS12, BIC America F12, a Dayton 1200, MartinLogan Dynamo 300 etc… My room is about 12.5 by 12.5 feet (with a 4.5 by 5.7 “box” area for my door) and the ceilings are about 7.5 feet tall. I figured something like a 10 or 12 inch sub would suffice.

As for an amp, I was looking at something like the SMSL SA-50, or something like the SMSL AD18, just something that can get my Micca’s pretty loud without distortion (I think around 50 watts should be fine) I also just found the SMSL SA100, which seems like a solid amp.

I’m willing to spend about $200 on a subwoofer and around $100 on an amplifier. Any recommendations or pointers will be greatly appreciated, since I dont know what to buy. Thanks!

So personally, I would say a good bang for the buck subwoofer and amp setup would be a bic america f12 and a topping pa3 amplifier, I think that would work very nicely for your setup. Also you would have the power with the pa3 to upgrade to the rb42 later on if you wanted

I have heard that the F12 have muddy sound when bought from different sellers, but I will check them out, thanks for your response!

Compared to higher end subs I would say so, but for the price I don’t really think I have many gripes with the sound tbh. The dynamo would be pretty nice too imo

Ok, thanks!

I also have another question, I posted a thread on reddit just to get another opinion, and people there suggested the Dayton 1200’s with the pa3, my question is are the Daytons better that the BIC’s?

It depends, I haven’t had good luck with Dayton stuff so I typically don’t recommend them myself but they are pretty good imo when they work.