Need suggestion for upgrades

Right now I own:

Sivga 006 (Old version)

Schiit Fulla 2

Since the relief bill money is coming soon I’m planning on spending $500 ish to upgrade my gears. I think my amp/dac is the weak link but I don’t know if upgrading them is a good idea.

I love all my headphones but I don’t mind getting new ones! I’ve been eyeing the Elex but not sure if my fulla 2 can drive them well.

I’d really appreciate any input and will reply as often as I can.


I would look towards an improved dac and amp setup.
The Fulla 2 is pretty light for your Sundara and will continue to limit the range of headphones you could get.
If you’re a Schiithead, you could do a Modius/Asgard 3 stack.
Sell the Fulla 2 or move it to another role in your life.

You’ll then have a strong SE performer that should be fairly future-proof for future needs, opening up more possibilities.

I was thinking about getting the Asgard3! It has the option to include an AK4490 DAC. Is it any good so I can save $100?

If you wanted to save $100, I’d recommend buying the Modi 3+ separate DAC rather than the internal. Unless space factors dictate, I avoid the all-in-one, especially when there is no price premium.

The Modius is a better unit overall with the same form-factor as Asgard 3.
It is a balanced DAC with XLR connections (not going to be handy with A3) but gives future flexibility and connection options (even to separate amps).

Were it me, it’s $100 well-spent on the Modius vs. Modi 3+
Which is why there’s one on a FedEx truck right now, so so very near arrival.

Thank you I appreciate the info! I also found some a pretty good deal for an Asgard 2 ($119). Do you think it’s worth it over Asgard 3?

No. I’ve been tempted to find a used A2, or Schiit’s slolw-moving closeout for its wild red-hot all Class-A personality. Just as a fun aside.

But, the A3 has DRAMATICALLY more power, usability, and retains a high class A bias.

Much thanks! Ordering Asgard 3 tomorrow :smiley:

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Nice! Should b a great upgrade! I’ve heard nothing but praise towards the asgard!