Need to soundproof a room? grow fungus!

this is a neat tidbit. mycelial fungus has been adapted for creating an eco-friendly sound proofing material. and (shameless Star Trek Discovery plug) the bonus is the ability to travel anywhere in the galaxy when bored!


If I am not mistaken, you want density and mass when it comes to soundproofing — this is because you do not want the sound to get out, and vice-versa. Nowadays, soundproofing mats are highly popular. They are very thin, but are extremely dense and heavy… and also have a nice price tag on them.

I have always thought about utilizing sand for sound-proofing, it’s quite heavy and perhaps it could be put to use.

Just a thought :man_shrugging:t2:
I am sure people found a number of DIY ways to soundproof

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soundproofing takes many forms…this one copies the theory used in silencers I believe, where the sound is deflected / reflected upon itself but never escapes so it eventually runs out of energy.

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If it does get implemented in walls, I’d question whether it would degrade etc.

But otherwise a very nice concept