Neumann ndh 20?

I have very small ears and listen to all types of music, I also game. I am wondering would these be comfortable and are they right for me.

I personally don’t find them comfortable, but with smaller ears it might be better for you

They are good warmer all rounders, also isolate well

What would you be powering them with, and would you be focusing more on casual or competitive for gaming?

I would be powering them with a thx amp and Im more focused on casual gaming but sometimes I play competitive on cod. Also are the ear cups deep. If not what would be a very comfortable set of closed back headphones with great sound quality.

They are somewhat average, I can’t really give you an exact number. What budget are you thinking? And also assuming they have to be closed? And what do you prefer sound signature wise?

under $900 , I typically good with anything that isn’t dark or v shaped

In that range, my top pick for you would be the Aeon 2 closed, just really love mine and a really good all rounder that’s comfortable, well designed, and just really solid overall for the price, a pretty sizable improvement over the older aeons

Something more affordable might be the dt177x go if you can find them, very comfy with a balanced signature and pretty great sound too

The focal elegia is also very nice in sound, balanced and actually sounds like an open back even though it’s closed, really nice offering

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I also have a pretty small head so kinda scared that that the aeon 2 closed wont fit. How about opened back headphones that have super sound quality.

There’s a lot in that range, I think the focal elex would be a clear choice, the hd660s is also pretty sweet for the job. The dt1990s are great as well but might be a bit brighter for some. The hifiman edition xx is also pretty nice too, but might be a bit large for your head

For what it’s worth, I really liked the ndh20’s for casual gaming, like really well, I think if you have really small ears they’d probably be way more comfortable for you than other people. I wasn’t too bothered by the comfort either myself, and I don’t think I have the biggest ears.

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Comfort is such a personal preference that the only way to know whether you will find a pair of headphones comfortable is to try them.

I vote for the focal Elex. not sure about gaming. open back generally sound better than closed

I may have missed you stating this earlier, but are you looking just for closed back?I would suggest the Beyer MMX 300. I’m not suggesting them specifically as a gaming headphone, since they come with the mic, but because they actually just sound fantastic. I would describe them as more of a v-shaped headphone so that might put you off, but they can handle any genre of music you throw at them. Very isolating, and I too have a small head and they fit me great. I would also throw on some dekoni or ZMF pads to really take the comfort to the next level. Sure these wouldn’t sound as good as the neumann, but if we’re talking about a gaming headset you have to value the comfort almost over anything else.

Ah that reminds me the audeze gx is also an option too if you want a headset

I live in nyc so I maybe can go to canjam this year.

can zmf or dekoni pads fit on ndh 20s?

Having just purchased them I can say they will be giong back sheerly based on being so damn heavy and hot. The headband is digging into the top of my head and its totally taking me out of the enjoyment here. Sound wise id say they are alright, but really shouty. Gonna have to take some time to make a fair assessment.