🔶 Neumann NDH 30

This is the official thread for the Neumann NDH 30 Open-back Studio Headphones

This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Type: Over Ear
  • Amp needed: YES
  • Open Back

:red_circle: NEUMAN NDH 30


Z Reviews

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Premium build for sure. Mostly made with metal which makes it feel heavy duty. Using the Zeos measurement the earpad opening fits 3 knuckles with a tiny bit of extra room and plenty of depth. The earpad material is a soft velour with a soft non-memory foam padding. It feels similar to the beyerdynamic dt990 gray pads but thicker.

Neutral warm tuning thats a bit vocal centric. Its sound signature is pretty similar to the 6XX but with slightly more bass. Good punch in the bass too. More on its FR later.

Instead of being in your head it’s more in front of you. For vocals, instead of the singer sounding like they’re in your head, they’re now right in front of your face. And instrumentals will take up the space all around you. It’s not an extremely wide stage but noticeably wider than the 6XX, and also has superior imaging to the 6XX as well. Separation seems pretty damn good as well. These can handle extreme metal music quite well.

So far so good.