Neumi BS5 vs Micca RB42?

What speaker would you suggest?

I will be using these on a desk setup as computer speakers.


I like the RB42 because it saves so much space.

Neumi CS5 X 2 = :relaxed::+1:

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I have a pair of Micca RB 42’s that I use in near field on my desk. I <3 them. They look nice, sound great, and are smol so I can have space for other stuff. I will say if you desire something with some top end see treble the RB 42 are not for you.

I started out on my desktop setup with Neumi BS5’s and I loved them. I have not listened to the RB42’s, so I cannot compare, but I certainly had great success with the BS5. More to @Flaculence point, the CS5 would be taller but would have basically the same footprint on the desk as the BS5, and you get an extra driver on each side! I can’t help but think this is a good thing…

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You save desk space with the neumi CS5 by going vertical. Bit skinny about same depth as the BS5 . I likem needs power but nearfield on a desk amp theyre fine. how much amp do you really need for the desk? Ofcourse more than needed.

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