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  • Type: Bookshelf
  • Powered: No

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Anyone else have any input on these? My first thought was to wonder how these would do for rear channels.

Great. rears, sides, heights, even fronts.
5 sets for 500USD.


Need to throw horsepower at them like 150w peak and some subs for a 15x15 ft room.

Here’s my desktop setup at my primary rig using the neumi BS5 as the speaker solution. You can see that they fit pretty nicely on a desk. The desk in the shot is 60" wide x 26" deep.

For speaker-amp, I’m using an SMSL SA300 (speaker amp function only). The way I have things setup I am able to switch either of my DACs through to SA300 input. The SA300 works out really well for providing power nearfield. I typically run the volume control on the SA300 about 16 out of 60, and when I want to rock out 20-25 out of 60 get’s it done. I have never taken it beyond 35.

I’ve found for me, that BS5 work best without any toe in but obviously that’s subjective and also room dependent. I have them on 5" risers that have a 5 degree slope to better position most speakers to your ears but, with the neumis for me, to get them so that my ears were more inline to be right between the tweeter and woofer I ended up using 5 degree wedges of speaker pad oriented in a way that minimized the incline of the stands. They still angle up slightly but not so much that the sound is shooting pass me towards the ceiling. Again, this is all room dependent etc. Just sharing to indicate that placement might be a thing you want to adjust to get the best sound for yourself.

I run the BS5 with the grills on and the ports are both open. Neumi suggest in the manual to run grills off for best sound, but I like the grills so, that minimal impact I am willing to live with - plus I could not hear any difference with my ears anyway… It’s also been suggested that stuffing the ports and playing with different distances from the wall can improve a dip in their response @ 800Hz, as well as give you an increase of about 4dB in the bass. I did not mess with that. I feel the speakers themselves sound great plus, I like to run with a sub… Speaking of that, I have the sub low pass xover set @ 70Hz and I’m barely giving in any volume (about 9 o’clock on the Elac), but again this is something subjective to listener preferences, sub placement and the room. I just made it so it sounded good where I wanted the sub - next to my desk, because that’s where I have room for it.

I am really very pleased with these speakers. I enjoy the sound I’m getting, and how inexpensive it was to put together a passive desktop setup that is both flexible and sounds pretty great. At least I think so…


Clean setup! The neumis are 2in shorter than klipsch R-15. I think they are a great compact 5in bargain speaker.

take some power in a small home theater. A entry level atmos AVR will drive them but you have to crank the volume. So im guessing they can use every bit of the max 100w rating.

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Thanks @Flaculence

They are able to get loud and still keep their tonality - I hooked them up to a Sony ES AVR (STRDA5ES) in the other room just to check them out when I first got them. They were no match for my Klipsch RF-3’s as front L/R but, they would be good for surround/rear surround if using in HT setup. Using them as fronts required kicking in my Klipsch KSW 12 - made for a nice 2.1

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Learning the cost with small economical speakers in a HT setting, pay at the amp side. youre right lack of impact, they get loud but dont create the same immersion like larger cabinets or the illusion of making the room disappear. Got me thinking maybe a serious center and good size subs (atleast dual 12s) can make up the lost ground.

Nitpicking, $89 bucks cant go wrong.

Nuemi will get a powered version as reported on daily hifi by youtuber erins audio corner. No info on date or price.


According to the website, the BS5P Coming December 2020…

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Awesome! forgot they have a website. Now got to justify why i need a set of powered ones when i just ordered an extra set of bs5.:thinking:

I emailed him last week. He said they wouldn’t be available before Christmas. Said shipping was from overseas and slow. No price set in stone but he said maybe $150.


That is not a bad price-point, at least on paper. In the same ball park as the Edifier R1700BTS. Of coarse there are no reviews yet so it is difficult to say until those come in and what they actually price the set at.

I am really happy with the passive set I have but, I am still curious to see what the active pair sound like.

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Have these for a over a year. Thought the speaker was vibrating a metal shelf, but think the ringing is coming from the speaker itself.

So far the center ch from neumi as a stereo pair sound pretty good.

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What a great idea using the centers as fronts. I started this new audio chapter in my life with BS5’s and I love them. I paid 99 bucks for them brand new and in my humble opinion they have completely outperformed the price point. It is true that it is best if you can throw a little power at them for them to really shine. I started with the Topping MX-3 and it did fine, but when I moved up to the S-8 stack the BS5’s suddenly attained a level of performance that surprised me.

I could have been fine with them but you know how this hobby is! I ended up going with the Triangle BR-02’s, which is another thread in itself, but the BS5’s live on as rears in my HT setup. And they are sounding better than ever in that role.

Credit zeos for using centers in stereo from the micca OoO ep. Ive been suggesting these on the forum so figure its my duty to document anything funky that comes up. Even if theyre $99 they go up to $200 international.

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Darn im not 100% if the neumi BS5 have a resonance issue. Switch them out for a set of micca and im hearing the same noise. So i might be talking out the backside again.

Think im convinced the neumi CS5 is a better speaker as a pair over the BS5.

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I can see that. I wonder if the center is a more power-hungry unit than the BS5. That wouldn’t surprise me, either. As for the BS5 grills, I used the BS5 with the grills off when they were on my desktop, and I did notice that they sounded a bit better that way. But as rears in the HT setup, I am leaving them on and they are just fine that way.

They get pretty uncomfortable nearfield and 10ft away powered by a smsl SA300 but its at 55 volume. On a entry level yamaha 7.1 AVR -20 is plenty loud in 15ftx15ft room with Klipsch RP-600m. the dual neumi centers are at -14.

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