Neutral with a warm leaning tuning IEM recommendation under 1000$

Hello Everyone, I am new to the forum and I am looking for some advice regarding some IEMs. I have little experience with iems I have owned only two so far.
First one was the RHA t20i they were a decent and seemed well balanced pair with a somewhat sharp sounding dongle dac, had to send it back due to some cable fraying issues.
I got the Campfire Audio Polaris V2 after that and I hated it. The bass was way too much and overpowered almost any other frequencies. The treble was very fatiguing and was sibilant with almost all vocals. So based on this data I am looking for a new set of iems which are Somewhat neutral(so that certain frequencies dont just overpower other) with a warm tilt(bass with just a slight slam/thump). I may be a little treble sensitive from what I experienced from the CA Polaris(Could just be the extreme sibilance which was causing fatigue).

I did throw around terms which I heard over the years about audio without much experience first hand so If anything I typed is confusing or seems conflicting pleas do ask for clarification I will try to explain the best I can

Choice of music: POP, EDM, acoustic music, Love me some string instruments(Violin,Cello) Piano and Vocal centric songs.

So are there any IEMs you guys can suggest under a 1000$?

Thank you for your time!

Moondrop Blessing 2/B2Dusk
Etymotic er4xr

Over 1k: Mest Mk2

This come to mind, not sure if it’s what you looking for!

Moondrop Blessing seems to be a universal thumbs up.
what about the Thieaudio monarch is it too bass heavy?

I don’t own it, but it’s still neutral with sub-bass emphasis, so yeah, it’s another great option :slight_smile:

Think it all comes down to how “Neutal” you want the iem to be

if your budget is $1000 i see absolutely no point in not getting the mest mkii given that literally nobody hates them. the extra money spent is basically the same as trying out others and selling them for a loss. if it were my money i wouldn’t bother with anything else if you’re that close to what basically everyone says is engame territory and second to none.

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Is that a neutral warm tuning?..also what is the op using as a source as that could defo make a difference :+1:

From the description of what you are looking for and the music you like, I have no esitation at all in suggesting the Thieaudio Oracle.
Yes MEST MKII are more “technical”, “linear” and “hifi”, so better for acoustic music, but if your library is mainly pop and edm Oracle can be incredibly engaging and IMHO better than MEST.

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@Kron what about the Gae Bolg warm neutral?

Fearless S8Z is a solid option for warm neutral, if you can do/prefer an all BA setup.

Using ifi iDSD Signature on the desk and Qudelix-5K for times I am outside.

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I’d say it’s a little more W shaped but could be a nice choice, or andro 2020, fir VxV or possibly a second hand Grace?

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UM Mest is in a weird position cause it doesn’t have a local distributer in my country(Most audio companies do have some partnerships) so I will have to pay extremely high import duties which will shoot up the price of the Mest to around 2000$ which is out of my budget.

The Thie Oracle is great and is one of my 2 favorite IEMs the other being the Moondrop Variations which like the Monarch is sub bass heavy

I would highly recommend the Kinera Nanna. I have these and no matter what I listen to, nothing ever hurts. They are smooth as butter with great bass extension. They are a warm IEM that I can’t get enough of. I use them for around 4 hrs every single day and haven’t tired of the sound.

I’m listening to the TRI Starshine right now, and it sounds like what you are describing. The flagship Starlight is the bigger and brighter brother.

Starshine is 500 bucks, which is half of your budget… so you could save money or go all out.

I think everyone gave very valid recommendations.

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i know a lot of people are scared because china, but aliexpress is pretty solid. i’m sure they can get them to wherever you are for a reasonable price.

Graph sure does look great.

(Elysium (DD + BA + 2 EST) = 3200 usd and Starshine (2 BA + 2 EST) = 500 usd)

Just not sure if this is a warm tuning.


I feel you bro, actually in the same position. I’ll prolly skip MEST for now, since it will cost me around 2k usd easly.

I am really enjoying Starshine, makes me even more excited for their Starlight (I personally love sparkle and found that I enjoy brighter headphones/IEMs).

The mid-range does have warmth to it, it’s smooth and lush. I’m yet to listen to the treble section, but they don’t sound aggressive so far.

how does Clairvoyance compare Oracle, is it a Clairvoyance 2.0 or a cheaper version of it?