New ~200 Closed Back

Hi guys.

I am thinking of buying some headphones for gaming and music, I will play casually esports only and I will listen most of the time to EDM and metal / rock. My budget is max 200.

I already have a fiio K3 with my SHP9500 and my HD 598.

My top picks right now are DT770, V-Moda crossfade M-100, audio technica msr7, Argon Mrk3 + shure pads or Cooler master MH 752.

If I stretch my budget a little I can get some Fostex TH-X00 Mahogany 2nd hand with Brainwavz Sheepskin Leather Angled pads in ebay around 250.

Thanks for the help


I mean if you can, the argon’s and fostex are great options, but the fostex leaks sound a bit and really doesn’t have much isolation. Are the argon’s going to come with shure pads? I wouldnt suggest the shure pads for the argons. The vmoda isn’t going to be as sonically impressive as the other options, but build is good. 770 is good and would suit your music tastes but the cable can be kinda irritating for portable. The msr7s and mh751 are pretty good for portable, but not as good as the argons or fostex. But better then the v moda.

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try out the one more triple driver over ears

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These are pretty nice as well. Has good bass and nice for portable

Really good highs too. As it has a driver specifically for the highs. Basically a tweeter for a speaker

If you go for the 770’s (I loved my old pair) then get the 250ohm the K3 should have enough oomph to drive them :+1:

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The 250 ohm is the best 770 imo, so that’s the one you would want :+1:

M0N, can you explain what the difference in sound is between products that have several resistant options, like the DT770’s? I understand the higher the resistance, the harder to drive they are, but if you have the amp to power them, why would you want to buy the harder headphones?

z explains the benefits here very easy to understand

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so the driver resets to 0 faster. what does that mean exactly? what is the benefit of that?

With my experience with beyers, usually the higher ohm 250 or 600 versions would be the more detailed, even response versions, and could scale better and react more to amps. The 80 ohm and 32 ohm tended to have boosted bass, slightly less detail, and not really care about the amp too much. Really generalized but mostly applies to the 770, 880, 990 going off a practical definition

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interesting. I guess that’s why electrostats are so popular…extremely hard to drive, but the detail is phenomenal.

My main options atm are the Dt 770 or the MH752. If m40x were more comfortable would be my choice for sound quality and they fold as well

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tighter bass mostly helping keep the mids and high not get overtaken by bass

what makes the M40X uncomfortable for you?

the pads are not thick enough IMO

that can be fixed with swapping them out though…right?

The headband is unconfortable as well for me

urbanfun ts1 are under 200 dollars. they are rebranded RBH hp2
with beryllium drivers.