New active speakers

Hello getting new active speakers for my desktop in usa to replace my edifier 1280dbs. I have a budget of about 600$ but wouldnt mind spending less. I was originally planning to get the vanatoo one encore but was put off by the fact that bass might be too strong and it may be fatiguing if used for several hours ( which i do). Now im between the vanatoo 0 plus and kanto yu4 ( or any other suggestions) the vanatoo 0 will be around 450$ and yu4 around 270$. Im open to suggestions or options and size is a factor so nothing that would be bigger than vanatoo 1

Vanatoo one and Vanatoo 0 plus should both have DSP with some treble and bass adjustments. One’s even have a turntable nob and zeros have some short of switch. Remotes have buttons.
It’s hard to say are the settings enough for the space they would be or can you adjust the bass enough so it aint too much.
Might have lower the bass from source device or player if possible.

It is usually easier to lower the bass if speakers actually produce nice and full bass.
Rather than they would not have enough bass.