New Argon MK3's strange noise on both sides

Hey there,
I got my Argons today after months of waiting and I am very impressed by them, however there is a noise I can hear on both sides whenever I move my head, talk or walk around with them. Sounds like I’m hearing the drivers. I’m not sure if this is just normal or if my headphones might be faulty.

I recorded it so you can listen to it here:

Could be the driver or the linkage between earcup and headband sticking slightly (had the second problem with my regular T50RPs, fixed it with some specialised plastic glide film for model railways).

Hmm if this was on something with dynamic drivers I would say something brushing the back of the cone, not sure that planars would have a similar sound if there was rubbing. You might try emailing Ryan at modhouse and see if he has an idea.

Yeah I’ve emailed Ryan about it now, let’s see what he has to say.

Somebody asked me privately if this ever was resolved:
No, Ryan answered on one or two mails and then never got back to me again, so I am now sitting on a broken set of Argons that I’ll probably “frankenstein” together with some unmodified T50RP’s.