New Aune dynamic headphones?

I heard Z say he was going to review these, AR5000(?), & I see they’re currently selling relatively affordable, given I just bought HD660S new for $599. I’m always late on trends when they’re cheap. It’s a problem I suffer.

Anyone got a pair of the new Aune AR5000 yet?

Here’s a review from one of the straighest shooters among YouTube reviewers:

I know Dave. Great guy. No bullsh*t, does reviews as a hobby and doesn’t rely on affiliate links for income, etc.

His moniker “The Honest Audiophile” fits, even if you disagree with his perceptions of cans and IEMs.


I tried it for a few hours. It’s ok. Warm neutral but pretty unengaging and some treble weirdness up top. Would probably steer more towards the proven subjects.

They look GREAT.