New Bluetooth Dacs in 2022?

I was wondering if there is any good value portable Bluetooth Dacs coming in 2022 as i have some money saved up to spend? Do recommend any other Portable Bluetooth Dacs that are under 150 USD


firstly, welcome to HFG enderman!

next…what would they be powering and what kind of music do you listen to?

Qudelix 5K kicks ass. $110. Bluetooth. Onboard 10-band parametric EQ and tons of tweaking options through the excellent app. Good DAC. Solid power in high gain.


While the 5K is great, they are impossible to find right now, and have been for a while. The supply on these dried up around mid-January.

The BTR5 would be my next pick, but the EQ is not as good on it, and it doesn’t work over LDAC, so I tend to use the EQ on my source ( Phone or PC ).

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Ah, bummer. Didn’t know about the supply shortage. Thanks for information.

Used market? Might find one. But people who own the Qudelix tend to love it. Can’t blame them – it’s a fantastic device and value.

They’re available direct at Qudelix-5K Reference DAC AMP – Qudelix, Inc.

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I heard they were backordered there just last week, but maybe they are finally shipping.

Keep watching amazon and it’ll pop up again. The buit in PEQ is stellar. Imo, plan to use it balanced…I think bass extension is better and gives a wider stage. And more power balanced on the Q5k.

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i listen to anime, rap, rock and anything i can find so i can enjoy myself and i use mostly iems for my KZ ZS10 Pro and and Tin T2 plus.

I was looking on Amazon and found Shanling UP4. Would you recommend this or go with something else?

As an owner of qudelix 5k,i would suggest that.

But i understand it’s out of stock in most places.

Alternative would be fiio btr5 or ifi go blu :+1:

Up4 is pretty good for Bluetooth, but if u have any plan to use it wired, might want to consider fiio btr5 cuz it has more power when plugged in.

would i be able to tell the difference between less powered IEM vs HIgh Powered?

The most obvious effect would be volume. Low power dac pair with hungry iem/headphone will result in low volume, and of course, less dynamic sounds.