New CB Headphone DT880 600ohm vs DT177x go

So now that im satisfied i want a closed one.
Best closed one i ever used was a Gaming Headset.

I have these on my list currently:
The ATH-AWAS, TH 900 MK2, EIKON, and Aeon Closed 2

-Good imaging for gaming but i dont want to only use it for that. Besides 1 hour with the Aeon Closed i never tried an expensive closed headphone before.

-Portability would be nice the Aeon Closed is probably the best for that.

So anyone here tried to compare them? I saw a few more Audio Technica on the Internet.
I dont really find a lot of Threads about ATH here.

Oh and i have the Liquid Platinum as an AMP.

It’s below your price range (but was closer before being discontinued and still might be for the EU), but the Elegia is a pretty high performing closed back. It seems they’re also generally considered pretty good for immersive/casual gaming, though imaging can be a bit of an adjustment. I’m not a gamer, so can’t really comment there, but I do really enjoy how transparent they are to the mix in general.

Other stuff you’ve got on your list may perform better depending on preference, but at the prices you can get them right now, the price to performance is tough to beat.

hmm, I want to say if you want portability the 177x GO is extremely solid and cheaper than the aeons while sharing a similar signature. Aeons are quite nice though as well and in my opinion give a better quality of sound however are more demanding of a higher tier setup to really bring out the characteristics in their sound. Haven’t really tried the rest of them so I can’t compare or offer insight their I do apologize.

they were what, like $400 over on adorama? Narrow soundstage but quite lovely on the sound with good enough imaging for gamers especially if one isn’t competitive it’s actually really good as a well rounded headphone in this case so in my opinion I will +1 to the elegias.


Aeons sing beautifully on that amp while balanced just can’t speak for the others

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Wait Aeons had these super weird connectors. Do they come with a balanced cable? And i just googled the DT177x GO those seem interesting. From what i remember the DT 1770 pro was made for Drummers.

duel sided barrel connectors(dummer cable) actually so yes weird connectors lol however very good quality in my opinion. You can order them with their balanced cable if you so prefer or just buy the cable seperately from Hart or someone. I have my open X balanced(I use open X instead of RT as the RT has more bass and aeon 2 while I have tried are just a bit outside of budget currently).

with drummers in mind I do believe that is accurate. However 177x GO is tuned differently. The original pro 1770 had issues with some driver rattling and was much bassier and brighter causes some people issues more so if your sensitive to that sharpness. 177x GO is much more refined while keeping the bass and treble raised and mids more neutral but it’s nowhere near as sharp very balanced out and very comfortable also reigning it in at iirc 32 ohms with a 4 pin mini-xlr for balanced connections(you need a different cable purchase though for it’s balance)

I have 4 Pin Mini xlr balanced so that should be okay. Mmh mit sure if i should go for the DT 177x since i have to preorder through massdrop.
How is the imaging i would like the closed one for gaming since the Environment is always annoying when i play Hunt or Tarkov.
Usually i often See people talking about Beyerdynamic when Gaming is in question.

You can still get them in other places like here even amazon has one for sale.

Beyers been on a bit of a role from my experience so far involving gaming especially in competitives. 177x go is a bit bassy for competitive gameplay though it still keeps that good imaging and seperation with a large size soundstage despite being a closed back. I definitely do not believe the 177x go competes with the 1990 in Tarkov by like any means lol but it’s still a fantastic all rounder and should be fine. Normally I would definitely recommend a open back for Tarkov as its audio placement the video game but I think 177x go will be good if you need a closed back it’s just a little bit too bassy though can be fixed with equalizations of course if need be.

With bright Headphones i get a Heartattack If someone shoots me in Tarkov. Like the dt1990 pro :smiley:


see, I was about to mention the T5P till you mentioned this lol. If bright is bad than 177x go should be fine as it’s not as bad as the other beyers. T5P I felt was brighter and had the better imaging for the closed back lineups of beyers. 1990 just practically screams in your ear lol think thats bad try playing horror games with the jump scare high pitch noise triggers. Aeons are good too but their treble is rolled off its plenty comfortable for all round gaming and music in my opinion. My biggest complaint on those is the pads are glued and no alternatives are made.

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I ordered the ATH Awas to try them. I’ll tell you about what i think of them let’s See what closed backs can do.

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So i tried the AWAS that i bought.

I think it’s a great Design and the Unboxing was great. Comfort great. Pads super thin tho didnt Go on my head very Well. There was a lot of room on my jaw.

But the Comfort still was Superb for me as was getting 2 cables XLR and 6.3 cough Sennheiser Hifiman

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Hello again,
i didnt want to start a new thread so i’ll just keep on going with an updated Title. It’s still about a closed Back.
I was looking a little into cheaper Headphones for Gaming and Portability. And to upgrade my not-fully-Open Headphone Collection

I found that a lot of People seem to Love the DT880 600 Ohm with a good AMP and some the DT177x Go for Portability.

Did anyone compare these two before or the DT177x Go?
I can get the DT880 600 Ohm for 125 in Germany. And massdrop is also Shipping Out new DT177x in around a month.
The Main Focus Here is gaming but i tried the DT1770pro and DT1990pro before and it was too much for me.

I’d Like the Portability of the DT177x Go but i dont know If it is still suited for gaming as much AS the DT880 600 Ohm apparently is.

The DT 177X is bassy and sparkly out of the box. This is not particularly great for gaming unless you’re ready to pad swap them to a velour or fenestrated/perforated pad of some kind.

Btw what did you think of the AWAS in terms of sound?

Depends on the gaming here. Will explain in a minute.

DT 880 is just as bright if not brighter in some cases than a 1990. Sounds like you may be treble sensitive. Also this is not a closed back this is semi open backed.

It’s not particularly suited for gaming its suited for music. DT 880 is fantastic for competitive gaming due to its brightness and more neutral sounding bass with lack of rumble paired to a laser accurate imaging and large soundstage. DT 177x go on the other hand is a V signature where the bass is increased mids are recessed and treble is raised however, in comparison to the 1770 go its not -as- bright as the other beyers to my ear however I would never recommend this headphone for competitive gaming while it would be great for casual gaming.

I have to disagree here as it’s not so bright that it interferes with casual gaming or regular use and the bass can be seen as a plus as it’s not particularly boomy or muddy but it has a pleasant rumble and hard hitting bass to it alongside a large soundstage for a closed back and great imaging. Velours come with the headphone as do the sheepskins so you can switch to whichever of preference.

DT 880 and 177x go are two very different headphones. DT 880 is semi open backed and as such lacks isolation. it can be rather clinical and revealing with neutral bass, mid centric and slightly raised vocals, and heavily raised highs with 250 ohm being the less potentially sibilant and 600 ohm while being brighter is more refined, detailed, better vocals, better bass, just much better in sound to my ear in my opinion. Meanwhile 177x go is a V with much more bass much more rumble its not vocal centric and mids take a bit of a back seat and treble is still raised bringing out detail and I would say it shines more in like EDM and other genres

If your looking for a good budget portable closed back. 177x go, Aeons, and m40x if you really want cheap all would be pretty nice in my opinion they are all V signature just to varying degrees each with their own styles, soundstages, and imaging. Just that m40x demands a pad swap. More midcentric would probably be something like a grados or Focal Elegia if you can find one for cheap. Warm headphones would be something like Meze I think would be real nice

Although the pads that come with the 177X are technically velour, I wouldn’t consider them to have the same lighter bass qualities you would expect from a velour pad by, say, Dekoni, ZMF, or Brainwavz.

They are velour, just of different style fabric and thickness… overall density and what not so they won’t sound the same.