New Cheap and Cheerful Desktop Speaker Quest

So, I’m on the hunt for some cheap and cheerful desktop speakers. I’m a bit of a fan of the cheap end of hifi, its fun to find the biggest bang for your buck for source gear, that set of cans the just hit the right amount above their weight class, the IEMs that are way better than they have any right to be. One reason I started follow Z, really.

The quest is to replace my failing Antecs powered speakers. Currently they are being fed by my xDuoo XD05 Basic, which also feeds my various headphones/IEMs.

I have three requirements for their replacements:

1 - Keep it cheap, as close to without going over 150. If I hit 100, then its a bonus.
2 - Smallish size.
3 - Some future proofing.

Right now I’m debating a set of the Micca RB42s with a small amp I can feed from the xDuoo OR a pair of Mackie CR30-X.

Any one have any good input?

I’m currently having a ball with some KEF Coda 7s passives I scored from Ebay. They can be had from around $100 to $150 with shipping from Ebay or other resale sites. Not really what you’re looking for but they absolutely slay for desktop use in my set up. They are smallish(7" wide x 12 1/8" tall x 8 1/2" deep), front ported, two way with a 5" woofer and a honey of a soft dome. They aren’t power greedy like the RB42s(they are singing nicely with an 8 watt tube amp right now)and they image like lil magicians. They are about as future proof as any passive is. Not the last word in bass extension or power but they have surprised me on occasion and I haven’t really wanted a sub.

Full disclosure, The big brother to these, the KEF Coda 9s, were my first real HIFI speaker so I have a bit of a nostalgia soft spot for these.

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Yeah, those are s little bigger than I want to go. And I would still need and amp…

I understand. I’m sharing what I actually know and not just hypothesizing.

So I haven’t had personal experience with them but the Edifier MR4s have garnered a lot of praise. $130 but analog ins only. Though analog in can help with the future proofing. As you upgrade dacs and sources you can keep the speakers.

Edifier MR4 Powered Studio Monitor Speakers, 4" Active Near-Field Monitor Speaker - Black (Pair)

Be prepared to add foam or a pair of socks to fix cabinet ringing on the budget boxes.

take a look at what Edifier has to offer, or the Kanto YU4 Passives.

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Dayton used to have some great bookshelf speakers that had a ribbon tweeter in them. They were great for near field but once turned up the got a little harsh. Think at the time they were like $60 on parts express.

I have a set of KEF RDM1 I got on CL for $130 + a 8inch Pioneer sub I got for $40. So good

Desktop speakers are all I own from Logitech, M-Audio, Corsair, Klipsch, Audioengine, Edifier, Kanto and Paradigm

Yup, they’re kind of my thing :smiley:

I’d recommend a decent pair of 2.1 speakers if you’re a basshead like me but judging by the fact you mentioned Micca and Mackie speakers it sounds like we might be different and you might not really want a sub. Other companies that make powered desktop speakers include Monoprice, KEF, and Dayton Audio