I currently have a MASSDROP X ALEX CAVALLI TUBE HYBRID AMP, sorry for caps. Today, the tube broke on it and I can’t get any sound out of it. I’ve had this for more than a year and I was wondering if you guys think I would be best off getting a new DAC/AMP combo or simply replacing the tube? I am willing to get a new dac/amp and my budget is under $200.

I would mostly use this for gaming and programming, I listen to a LOT of music when programming, and play heavy fps games like CSGO.

Along with this amp I use a beyerdynamic dt1990.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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depending on the tube they generally are rather cheap, why not just replace the tube? Don’t really see the point in spending well over $200 vs around $20 for a tube.

It is christmas season and I’m not sure what to get myself so I have been looking for items to send to my family. I am not dissatisifed with my current amp but I would be open to options

You own an amp that is priced over the $200 margin, to get better you would need more than $200 otherwise you’d essentially be either downgrading or side grading in my opinion. It’s a decent amp and not bad at all for use case. You would generally want a dedicated amp and dedicated dac as seperate units but this is definitely going to cost I want to say around $400 if you want a good upgrade. It’s due to this I would say just replace the tube as I feel your fine… alternatives would be relatively negligible returns

Ahhh I see, that makes a lot of sense, thank you so much for your help Falenkor!

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Yep yep, just try to be careful with your tubes. You can upgrade the tubes though so do keep that in mind… better tubes will sound different or better. If you want to go that route suggest you ask those around here who like to tube roll. Otherwise just stick to the stock they aren’t too bad.

Glad I could help, welcome to hifiguides, take care and happy gaming

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Yeah I bought the one that you sent me. I plugged it in and the amp still doesn’t work :(. I was hoping it was just the tube but it still just isn’t producing sound. Any thoughts?

hmm, that could be quite a few issues so that would be very hard to narrow down… I would say check the cables of course make sure the power supply or something isn’t acting up… not sure how you broke the tube if you hit it rather hard it could have messed up something inside, though make sure you did sit the tube properly and all the way in firmly.

Outside of that if it still doesn’t work… I think maybe @MazeFrame could possibly help you? hes rather technical and knows more about specs by a hell a lot more than I would. Outside of other help you may need to check warranties or a new amp after all which would be unfortunate…

hey, I made sure of all of those things and I don’t htink any other variables could be changed. I tested software on my computer, I made changes to the input, power and tried re installing the tube, just no audio output from it :(, I try using my oculus as a sort of AMp and it works through my headphones. I sadly think I’m gonna have to get a new one but I’m upping the budget to $300 dollars. Would you have any recommnedations?

Is the tube glowing when turned on, and if you have headphones plugged in and turn up the volume, do you hear anything at all (i.e. noise floor)? As Falenkor mentioned, if the tube broke by being bumped, it could have broken a solder joint on the tube socket or something.

FWIW, I agree in that price range you’re likely going to mostly side grade unless you can find a deal like the Liquid Platinum $293 sale Monoprice had recently.

There is virtually no noise or even sound coming out of it. I have changed inputs tried multiple volumes, and the only sound I can get is a high pitched sound when I change inputs that seems to be a mechanical sounds from the inside of it. I have tried switching cables and everything but it just doesn’t produce anything

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Have you ever checked if the tube glows or not when you switch it on?
Even if you have replaced the tube.
It should glow.
If not, it is possible that the socket has something.

Maybe the massdrop support can help.
Which I don’t quite believe you will do.
But it does not cost anything to ask.

It is common knowledge that they go up in smoke relatively quickly, unfortunately.
The attraction was there for me but I distanced myself from it.

Alternatively the Shiit Vali 2 or the Liquid Spark would be interesting.
If you want to stay under budget.
I had the Vali 2 myself and liked it better than the Magni 3.

Yes both the tubes are glowing when I turn it on.

There are then only two things.
Somewhere I think I have read that the power supplies like to fry through.
Or it is something at the base itself, it can be the power supply is still good for that something at the base is solved.
That is unfortunately a basic problem with the tube amplifier, but it can be repaired easily.

If you are technically versed, screw it on the warranty will probably have expired already, and take a look.
The base is usually standard in terms of dimensions, you only need to know the type and solder the old one out and the new one in.

Either you can help here in the forum or you can go to an electrician, but I would look for one who knows something like that.
If you go to a normal electrician he won’t even open the door and say it is broken.

Maybe the heating has made some soldering tin self-soldering and you have to solder it back on and it works again.

That’s all it is until a chip is fried through or a codensator is fried.

I would say if nothing big it would be done with 50$ maximum.