New dac for my setup

Hello. So I have this setup:

PC → Zen dac+zen can stack → sundara and hd6xx
Also, I have edifier r1700bts, hooked to the rear out of the dac and I like it quite a bit.
Thing is, I just got a new TV (LG C1 series, Jack and toslink audio out) and I want to use it as smart TV and as secondary monitor for movies and games with the pc.
In this setup, I don’t have any problem when using the TV with the pc, but when using it standalone I could only use my speakers (they have 2 inputs, I could attach them to the jack out of the tv) and not my headphones. I know there is, for example, the topping e30, which has 2 inputs (USB and toslink) that seems to be perfect for my needs, but I just wanted to ask if it’ll pair OK with the Zen can… Is there any point spending more for something like a d50s? In case, do you have any recommendations for my needs under 200 euros?
Sorry for the long explanation, hopefully I made myself clear :slight_smile:

just get a switcher box.

But how would that work? My dac accepts only USB as input…

3.5mm balanced to 3.5mm balanced for the zen can. the zen dac has 2 output’s.

The problem is that I cannot have both my TV and my PC connected to my DAC, in my setup, since the Zen Dac has only 1 input (which is USB, so I cannot hook it up to my TV). I’m not getting your suggestions :sweat_smile:
Maybe I didn’t explain myself clearly in the first place and I apologize for that.

Maybe a D10 Balanced or E50 if maintaining balanced is important. Figure out what adapters you might need. The Topping will likely be less warm than ZenDAC, but that may not be all bad? Do you use it’s magical bass button a lot? Users seem to love that function. Good news, it’s a standalone unit that you could repurpose for another application easy.

You’re correct in that you’ll need a new DAC. When all else is pretty similar, this is why I’ll steer people towards a more flexible product. I remember awhile back someone was D10s vs E30. For what was like $20 at the time, the E30 gave a remote and full input assortment.

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The balanced part I didn’t consider but I can make my own cables so it’s not that big of a deal. If I get a balanced dac, I’ll just make a new proper cable.
I don’t really use the Bass Boost from Zen Dac, it adds too much bloom to the music in my opinion. I love the Zen Can magic button though, and I eq a little bit. The remote could be a nice feature to have. Thank you for your suggestions :slight_smile: I could also sell the zen dac if I don’t really find a use for it (and I doubt I will in my current setup and house).

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BTW, I was looking at the d10 balanced but I don’t think it’s for my use specifically, It seems it doesn’t have other inputs other than USB.
Is it really that important to maintain balanced connection for the Zen can? The e30 seems good for my needs and it’s cheap… The e50 would be even better but it’s almost twice as expensive.

Sorry, I mistook those outputs for inputs on d10b.
I feel like I’d want to have that power advantage of balanced for Sundara in particular, but I’m sure you can power them enjoyably through SE.

But is there difference if I connect my Zen can SE to my dac and then balanced cable for sundara? Wouldn’t I get the full power of my amp, even if its connected single ended down the line to the dac?

I’d assume it’d receive lower input voltage from the DAC and ultimately outputting a lower output signal.

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That is something I didn’t think about, but it makes a lot of sense. Thank you.
So it seems the e50 is a perfect candidate, even if somewhat more expensive… Do I have any other options in the budget suggested above?