New Darkvoice Right Channel Static

So, I just received my new Darkvoice from Drop yesterday. I like it with the 6XX… more than I thought I would.

However, I am experiencing a bit of an issue. The right channel is experiencing some intermittent static / scratching. It kind of sounds like a scratchy volume pot, except it’s only in the right channel, and I’m not moving the volume knob when it is happening.

Does anyone have any ideas about this? Something I can try to remedy it?

Also, this thing is big, and pretty darn heavy too. I was shocked by the size and weight.

Tube burn in. I had the exact same issue. Pull the back tube out, turn the amp on and let it sit for a few days with just the front tube burning in. Mine needed a total of 5 days straight to get the noise out. It worked though.

I’ll see if I can find the article where it explains this and link it. My memory is faulty sometimes, I want to make sure I pulled the back tube out though, I can’t remember clearly…

Go read through this thread. It has a TON of useful info for you.


take the power tube (the big one) out of the amp leave the driver tube (smaller one) in and then leave on for approximately 72hours. should clear it right up.

oh also consider getting some better tubes, preferably NOS. the stock chinese tubes are pretty awful sounding in comparison to the real deal imo