New Desktop 2.1 Speaker Setup, Mission 760i vs Micca MB42X?

Hello, I am creating a desktop 2.1 speaker setup to connect to my PC. I was planning to get some Micca MB42X speakers, but I also have these old Mission 760i’s that my father gave to me. My dad was a huge audiophile has a bunch of amps and nice speakers. He told me that the Mission speakers were really good for their price back in the day. They are older however and I was unsure which speakers would be considered superior for my setup. I will be connecting them to the SMSL AD18 DAC/AMP Combo.

I’d try those 1st and if you don’t like them order the Miccas…

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Yea, some on reddit mentioned that the Mission speakers are way better than the Miccas. They cost around $200-$300 back in the day apparently. Made in England as well. I ran them on my dad’s amp and they sounded great. I haven’t heard the Miccas, but I think I’ll stick with them.