New gaming setup

Hey guys,

I am trying to get upgrade all of my gaming setup. I did a lot of research (mostly on youtube) regarding audio and even if I kinda understand how it works I still have some questions.

It is probably important to note that I am a complete begginer regarding audi setup. I’ve always just plugged in my usb headset and that was it.

I almost always use my computer for gaming and youtube/stream (only watching).

I was thinking of buying a Neumann NDH20, a TYGR 300 R or a Beyerdynamic DT880.
I’ve heard that the DT880 is a monster but also found some negatives reviews.

I don’t really have a budget but I probably wont go over 1000$.

Are any of thoses headphones “bad” ? Do you have others recommendation ?
Since I plan on using it for gaming, I am looking for an amp/dac with a microphone entry. What would you recommend ?
I would need something “easy” to use since I am a begginer. I have a fair knowledge of computers but nothing about theses kind of devices.
Regarding my second question, does an amp/dac really make a big difference ? I don’t mind paying for it, but since I never tried I don’t know if it is worth.
Do you have any advices on microphone ? I was thinking about a separate microphone on my table.

Also if you have any other recommendations I would gladly accept them.

What do you have right now? What games are you playing, and what music/media do you listen to?

I don’t think any of the ones you listed are bad in any respect, it’s just preference

I would typically say grab an audio interface like a focusrite scarlett solo (since you plan on going for a desktop mic) and a nice headphone amp and use the interface as a dac as well (the headphone amp will depend on what headphones you pick)

Most of this stuff is pretty simple to use, I don’t think you will have many issues using this stuff

I think it depends on a headphone and what your needs are. I think in this case it’s worthwhile if you have the budget (you def do)

What type of environment are you working in? Is your room treated or do you plan to treat it? Is this for like light streaming and coms or more music production or heavy streaming? And what type of sound are you looking for mic wise?

Also since you are just starting out, I would say that you would be spending around 500 bucks all in, around 200 for the headphones, 100 for the interface, 100 for the amp, and around 100 or less for the mic imo. This can be flexible of course but I wouldn’t suggest overspending right away, I think making a setup like this flexible in the future would be pretty valuable imo


Depends on what you want to achieve.

Yamaha AG03 as an interface (= DAC and mic-in) (or a Scarlett Solo) would work. Does not get much easier to use than those.

Ordered by impact, it is Headphone/Speaker > Amp > DAC

No shotgun mic, apart from that, it depends on your room and environment noise (an AC running in the background for example).

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As M0N said earlier, you could go for an audio interface as that would have proper adjustment for any future microphone you want to use and monitoring your own audio / speech. This would be my recommended route if you want to be able to expand into more serious gear at a later date.

If you want another simple alternative, there’s always the Schiit Hel You can use any headphone with it along with any mic that has a 3,5mm input. Probably a good pairing with ModMic, or any gaming headset that has a split for mic / headphones. It has gotten quite a lot of good reviews. I haven’t tested it myself, but I’ve considered getting it for my laptop or PS4 / Switch.

The hel is solid and simple, less expandable but way more compact if that matters. I think you make some quality and flexiblity sacrifices compared to interface + amp for increased simplicity and smaller and more compact form factor (also depends on what headphones you go with). But the hel with a modmic would be the most stupid simple you could do things for sure

Thanks for your quick answer

Right now I have a Logitech G633.
I mostly play strategy game ( such as Europa Universalis 4, Stellaris) , RPG (whatever I find good) and MMORPG.
As for music I pretty much listen to everything with a preference for pop/rock/country with I listen from Youtube Music.

So if I undestand correctly I would connect the headset to the amp and then the amp to the interface wich woul be used as a dac and then connnect the interface to my pc. The microphone would also go into the amp (Since I don’t see any microphone entry in the one you suggested) ?

My room is not treated and I don’t have any plan to treat it. It is mostly for coms while I’m playing multiplayer games. As for the sound I just want something that doesn’t have a “cheap” sound.
I coud also go for a modded mic if you think everyone will hear what’s happening in my house

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Gotcha. In this case, I think there could be a few good options here. I think if you wanted something neutral, wider and spacious, with lots of detail and clarity, the dt880 600 ohm with a liquid spark amp is a good pick imo, overall very impressive for most games and pretty enjoyable for most music as well.

I think if you wanted something warmer and more chill/relaxing, also more close to the ear sounding, the hd58x is really solid, and I would grab a schiit magni 3+ with that as the amp.

Both headphones are very durable and also pretty comfortable imo, but both are open back and will not isolate and will leak a bit of sound (if that’s ok)

Yes. PC > Interface (mic input and output as dac) > headphone amp > headphones

The microphone would go into the audio interface (I mentioned a focusrite), it’s an xlr mic setup, so you would use a mic like the shure sm48lc for example (I really like that mic for something simple yet effective and good sounding imo)

In that case, I think it would be better off to go for a dynamic mic that isn’t too room sensitive, if you want something more meaty and thicker, like radio or broadcast almost sound, the aforementioned sm48lc is a good pick here. If you wanted something a bit more clean and clear studio sound but still effective at not picking up too much, I like the akg d5 or se electronics v7

So to connect it all up, you would need some cables:

The focusrite scarlett solo should already come with a usb cable so you should be good there

For the microphone, you would need an xlr cable to connect it to the interface like this:

To connect the output of the focusrite to the headphone amp, you would need one of these cables, a ts 1/4 inch jack to rca cable:

Other than that you shouldn’t need any more cables. It would just be connecting the focusrite to the pc via usb, connecting the microphone via xlr into the front of the focusrite microphone input, and then connecting the headphone amp to the back of the focusrite amp outputs with the 1/4 inch to rca cable. Then just plug the headphones into the amp and you are good to go for the most part (besides appropriately setting the gain on the microphone and the output volume on the focusrite)


Great recommendations here. If you are really starting out I honestly think keeping it simple is the best way to go. My rec is the schiit hel, simple, clean sounding and would handle most headphones for power. I would shy away from the 600 ohm HPs as I don’t believe this would give them enough power to do them justice.
Later on if you expand you can use it in a secondary setup for controlling volume to powered monitors.
Being that you aren’t competitive gaming and if you have the ability, go try some headphones out , find the sound signature you like and go from there. Everyone’s ears hear differently and I really wish someone would be told me to go try them out instead of going off of reviews. I wasted a few pennies over the years lol.
For mics, pic up a mod mic and go everyone I game with loves when I use mine compared, they are generally clear, don’t get hot in the S range and last till you feel you’ve out grown it.
Hope this helps.

Thanks for your answers !

So just to be sure could you confirm the model of the devices you mentionned ?

Interface oré/dp/B00ST0FOO0

amp (liquid spark) :

Thanks for you help ! :smile:

Looks correct to me

As someone who started out in this hobby fairly recently, welcome and good luck. It’s a lot of fun experiencing different headphones, sound profiles, amps, etc. And the best part about it is that there’s a pretty good resell value on a lot of gear, even the entry-level stuff. Unless you struggle to find the gear you want in your area, I’d highly encourage you to check out the Buy/Sell/Trade forum here or the AVExchange subreddit to purchase used gear.