New Grado Headphones

Grado released a whole new X-series of headphones.
I don’t know if there are any sonic changes but they improved comfort and the attached cable is braided now.

Has anyone heard one of the new Grados already?

I wonder if the SR60x could be a nice upgrade over my KPH30i. I always like to use small open headphones when taking a walk outside.

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Plenty of impressions on Head-Fi. Sonic change for sure. If you’re looking for a similar sound tho I might suggest Sennheiser HD25 instead

cause why? :smiley:

Cause why what?

oops…forgot to click rpely to mochimashu comment about considering the HD25 over the new Grado X.

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Bc it sounds closer to my ears. Grado is… well Grado (in a good way)

Nah, the HD25 are ugly, closed and even more plasticy than Grados.

You can mod it to be pretty cool haha, I got 3D print cups

It’s a legendary headphone used by DJs

From what I’ve seen on head-fi and the fact that it seems the Hemps were a test run of sorts for the new “x” generation, there is a sound change, at least for the 225/325.

They are now using the F-cush pads which boost the bass and reduce the treble around 4k-6k. They also help to make the sound more visceral since the driver is so close to the ear.

I think it’s also a good time to post this here.

Looks like we’ll be getting “x” version of the Reference series, Professional series, and some of the Statement series.