New headphone (noob)


i have made a previous post here to talk about some problem, now i have a Fiio k3 and a m40x with pads but i want to change the m40x who the clamping still hurt
My budget is 100-200 euros
I’m a noob in hi fi stuff so I’m look for a headphone were i can hear voice clearly without the middle pierce my hear and kill the background ost

well for resume a headphone who can be used to watch animes and can be used for listening instrumental ost to edm with huge bass

sorry for the bad english

Creative Aurvana Live! Dt770 or Argons never had the last one but people always praise its bass.
All 3 are bassy.

For 200 euros the meze 99 classics should be available for that price bassy maybe too bassy for many audiophiles. But overalls nice fun headphone

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thanks for the anwser, i have cheked all the headphone but does my fiio k3 can drive the dt770?

It can drive the 80 ohms but not the 250 ohm version.

Edit: I should add that it won’t be driven “fully” but will get decently loud enough.

ok, thank you, so i should upgrade my k3 ?

If you plan to pickup something such as argons or dt 770s yeah I would recommend an upgrade. FIIO K3 is an amp dac combo unit. If you want a plenty strong combo unit around the same price. Look into IFI ZEN DAC or perhaps Schiit Hel. I do not recall if you can convert the k3 into just a dac if so though you can pick up one of the various $100 amps and be fine. Liquid spark, Topping A30, Schiit Magni / Heresy, JDS Atom.

i only have the IFI ZEN DAC available on amazon but i need an amp if i take it ?

ifi zen dac is another combo unit. It’s an amp and dac in one unit. It will work fine for the headphones listed here.

ok thanks you for the reply, it’s hard to know what to take without someone to help

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