New headphones gaming and music

Hey everyone!

I am looking for an upgrade to my akg 361 which I absolutely love. I am currently looking to upgrade them or perhaps but the bluetooth version however I’m not sure if they come with or can be connected to a PC and still retain the quality. Has anyone been able to connect the akg361bt/371bt’s to a PC?

If not I’d be looking for an all around headset with a closed back and hopefully a disconnect able cable (without the annoying custom locking mechanism that the 361s have, my only complaint).

Thanks everyone!


Hello I have used laptops with built in bluetooth and got my audio that way, but if your talking like a desktop pc you would just need a bluetooth receiver for it to work and just select that audio source for output in windows.

I have never perosnally used or heard any akg products so I can not comment on how they compare other headphones but the k371bt are bluetooth and for about the same price you can one of the best headphones hands down the sennheiser hd 6xx from drop but they are not bluetooth and would definitely be an upgrade or for a little more the HiFi man sundara are a good choice below 400$ for more of a neutral sound.

just really depends on your budget, wireless or wired and open or closed back.