New Headphones/Headset for competitive


So i play rainbow six siege competitive

and i would need a new top tier Headphone/Headset that is the best i can get, like really the best because steps etc are very very important in that game.

ive been playing with dt 990 pros and im very unhappy with them rn.

i use a stand microphone so theres no worrys for the mic but im still open to headsets

my price range 0-250 EURO

i need something that is very accurate,has good quality drivers,open-back because of the better soundstage,lets those steps(sound cues) stand out, low bass,all the things that are gonna all around help my awareness and not overshadowing of important sound cues

ive been thinking maybe the sennheiser gsp 500

hope you guys can give me some good recommendations and tips :slight_smile:


Welcome to Hifiguides,

You want one of the best in your price range but already are using one of them, I have to ask then what is the reason you are unhappy with them?

comparing this to a dt 990 there is no competition… gsp 500 belongs in a trash can in comparison when it comes to gaming fps.

I suppose I should also ask, is this console or pc? Is this just for strictly gaming and not music or video related? Lastly, do you have a amp/dac for the headphones.

the reason why im unhappy with them because the right side randomly went out after a period of time

and i can rebuy those but i wanted to try something different that i might more like

its Pc, strictly gaming, yes

can you give me some recommendations that compete to the dt 990s pro.

ive heard good things from the sennheiser HD 58x and the other HDs or maybe the dt 880s

oof sorry to hear that.

I suppose it would depend in that particular regard… 990s are V signatured but they are also quite bright.

In terms of strictly competitives, the 58x will not best the 990 in terms of soundstage and imaging… it’s just a good jack of all trades kind of headphone.

You will lose out on some soundstage due to the semi open back nature of the 880, ever so slight loss on the imaging due to loss on the treble, other than that it works just fine and is more balanced out overall with less bass in the way, much better mids, and less peaky highs so it’s a more comfortable listening headphone for sure. In your budget I would just say wager between 880 and another 990… it’s not all too common that a beyer busts considering their known build qualities.

DT 880 and Tygr 300R are potentially the only two that come to mind that can really compete in this price bracket in terms of strictly competition as all other alternatives lack the soundstage and imaging capabilities.

ok i will probably decide between the dt880 s and 990s

very nice of you appreciate it! :slight_smile:

Yep, no problem. It’s relatively hard to best beyer in terms of imaging especially when you start bringing their Tesla drivers into the equation. Just be sure to buy the Edition versions of the headphones as they have the straight cables and carrying cases…

If you have other questions feel free to chime back in. Have a good one and happy gaming.

so i have some questions i looked on the beyerdynamic site and they have their black friday sales which one of those im going to list should i pick in your opinion:

dt990 pro
dt 990 normal
dt 880
dt 880 pro

pro versions have the coiled cable, different aesthetic, come in at maximum 250 ohms, and do not have the carrying case. Premium aka Edition different aesthetic, straight cable, maximum of 600 ohms(sounds at it’s best in this variation but demands a strong amp), and comes with the nice leather carrying bag.

Literally the only differences between them. Use the straight cable for gaming… not sure why one would remotely use the coiled cable for general use case such as gaming or regular pc use.

Also, I should note something. Avoid the DT 880 special edition Black… it has a different tuning and it’s not very good. Special edition black with the other tuning was only the 250 ohm version… 600 ohm and chrome are not a different tuning however the headphone will sound different depending on the ohm variation… the higher the ohm the better it will sound but the more power it will require. Why this was done this way is anybody’s guess when it comes to that black variation…

for a really awesome experience, you could add another 100 bucks or so and get a used HD700. Since you already have a mic and you want an open back HP with great soundstage, this seems perfect to me. And since gaming is your priority, i don’t think the weird bump in the highs will trouble you, quite the opposite. Trust me - for gaming and movies this thing is incredible, and you might also really enjoy it for movies, once you’ve accustomed to the frequency response. And since you’re using it on a pc (?) you’ll also have no issue EQing it. The HD700 is also one of the most comfortable HPs i’ve owned thus far.

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ok that sounds good ill look into it thanks for the recommendation

appreciate it :slight_smile:

so @Falenkor ive taken some suggestions and one that came up was the AKG K712 Pro which are in my price range do you have any experience on them?

I do indeed, AKG you have to be a bit wary on… they like to price things above what they should be priced at or worth. For example, I just looked up k712 over here from sweetwater and they are wanting $500 for the headphone new yet I can just go grab it off someone for around $150 range. It’s definitely not worth above $300 in my opinion.

The k712 pro is a bit of an oddity amongst it’s alternatives… as it’s the balanced signature in comparison. The bass is brought up to more neutral and the rest of the signature stays around the balanced kind of sound margin outside of the treble which dips under neutral than back up again twice to my knowledge and is noticeable. The K series there has a incredibly large soundstage but it has imaging inaccuracies… while they aren’t severe it is still something I need to mention. Comfort is quite nice, and the pads are relatively large… you cannot freely pad swap the headphone due to the back plastic adapters required however, they do have a yaxi pad replacement that is quite interesting and comfortable that helps warm up the signature further along with a mod you can do to the headphone itself to mod the bass making it a bit more versatile. The signature itself may be balanced but the mids and highs are still pushed forward in the sound just like it’s alternatives k702,q701,k701,k612, k7xx. Overall, it’s a very nice headphone for competitive gaming if someone is very treble sensitive but really only for that if you plan to use it primarily for gaming… it’s nice for casual though too which is a added benefit in my opinion. Comparing this headphone to something such as the DT 880 the k712 has a much larger stage but the imaging inaccuracies put it behind the 880 a little bit plus the fact 880 is a bright headphone while k712 is on the more balanced side of things like a Sennheiser of such… The alternative of the k7 series is the Audio technica AD–x series which you will see the AD700x pop up now and then in some peoples recommendations. The AD series does not have the imaging issue but it has less soundstage, a cheaper build, and the headband is a hit or miss… but it’s very cheap all considering so a great budget entry level into a good competitive sound. I would still take the 880 or 990 handsdown

As for the alternatives I mentioned to the k712 all of those are on the brighter side with more recessive bass, though each of them are a little different on sound characteristics than the other… with the K702 over there being the most bright and analytical standing above the rest as the most -ideal- for competitives.

ah ok thanks

ive seen like 10 different sites that are selling them for like 200€ in germany new i dont know if its because of black friday or theyre just reduced

i still have like 2 days to think about it


have a nice day:)

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