New HiFi Youtube Channel - Grado Labs SR325is

i don’t know if this is allowed on here but yesterday i decided to start a YouTube channel centered around HiFi/audio/vintage gear. it’s basically just me hanging out talking into a camera lol…
i made this video about the grado SR 325is. it’s hard to find much info about the “is” series which is disappointing because these are some awesome grado headphones.
i really appreciate this community and get a lot of help here so this is sort of my way of giving back.
lmk what you think :v:


(forgot to mention)
i also plan on discussing non-gear related topics such as album reviews

Nice, also great video, I didn’t know much about the is grados, pretty interesting :+1:

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I sub’d. Fellow Grado fan here! I want to pick up the Grado Whites but I have too much going on right now.

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thanks so much, more videos coming soon!
you can never have enough headphones… always remember that lol

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I need to just embrace that and not limit myself anymore. I have tired to set limits and it just didn’t work

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thanks a lot for checking it out.
and yeah there are some unique grados out there. there are also a lot of modders who sell unique grados on ebay. check one out here. i was way too close to purchasing them. lol

Yeah the grado modding community is pretty crazy

you’re not wrong

Hey @Adam, I’ve only just stumbled upon your review video now, ten months later. I enjoyed it and was interested because I just got a pair of supposedly 325i’s about a week ago that I actually think are 325is’s because they’re not gold but chrome. Like you mentioned, there’s nothing written on them so it’s not apparent. Under the ear pads I found the serial number scratched in on each cup. They’re mint condition, and actually don’t seem to have been used much at all because after around 50 hours of burn in their sound has mellowed out and the initial sibilance has almost entirely gone (it’s still there a little when aggressive treble and upper mids sneak into the music). I was about to sell them on but decided to hold onto them just to listen to them after burn in, and I’m glad I did. I find them very comfortable and kind of refreshing when swapping out from my other headphones - I’m still relatively new to the hobby so I’m still learning. They sound good with tubes and also, if not better, with a solid state amp fed by a tube pre-amp, something I’ve been trying for only a day now, but with lots of enjoyment.

Anyway, once again, good video, I don’t know if you ended up making anymore, but I’ll look out for them if you have.

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hey man i really appreciate you reaching out.
i still make some videos there from time to time, all about audio for sure.
and those grados are amazing. i did sell my pair. this was a tough decision to make but in short i really wanted to support local small business and that pair i did buy used. i sold them in order to purchase the 225e and threw some g pads on there. excellent sound from both headphones.
hope to see you around ill be posting more soon! thank u