New home studio setup plan: 3 monitors, where to put the speakers

I’m designing a new setup for my home studio since i’m about the go in a new home. I’m a filmmaker so i will have a 3 monitor setup. I was thinking about mounting the speakers above the monitor with some wall mount. Speakers will be JBL 306P MKII. Does anyone have any experience in a setup like that?

Ideally you would have something like this. So the monitors, walls or table are not effecting the sound.




Ideally, 3 Series MkII Studio Monitors should be placed on suitable speaker stands, rather than on the
work surface. This will reduce resonance and deterioration of low frequency performance caused by the speaker’s mechanical coupling with the work surface.

For optimum imaging, the left - right- center speakers should be placed symmetrically in the room,
so each speaker is the same distance from adjacent walls and reflective surfaces.
The speakers should be placed so the position of the listener and the two speakers form an equilateral triangle.

Adjusting the distance between the speakers will affect the quality of bass heard at the listening position. You can experiment with speaker placement to find the placement that produces the preferred bass response, imaging, and—when listening to stereo material—produces a strong “phantom center", in which vocals and some instruments seem to originate from a point between speakers.


Only thing I would add other than making sure that the room is set up with dampening and all that is to make sure to have the speakers ideally around 2 feet away from the wall, 6 inches minimum. The JBL MkII is rear ported so you will get refractions that make the bass really bloated if placed too close to a wall.