New HT from scratch. Looking for suggestions

Looking to build a new ht from scratch. I have an idea of what I want, but would like input from people with more experience so I don’t make any stupid decisions lol
I know that the brains of my ht will probably be the Pioneer Elite 503 because I want to do a 7.2.4 and it will probably be replaced within a couple years. This is where my plans go to shit lol
As for an amp, this is what I need most help with as I’ve never owned one.
Undecided on a display. I’m down to LG B9, Sony A8G, or Sony X950G. I thought about letting the tv do the video processing and the AVR just do the audio. Bad idea? I’d really like to get something that supports some of the features of hdmi 2.1.
For speakers I really am a Klipsch fan boy. I love the look and the many options. I have the reference series front stage now that I’m upgrading from. I thought about doing the RP-160 (I’m unable to use floor standing speakers at this time) and building around that with the 440c and 250s.
I’d also consider spending most my budget on SVS Ultra’s because, Zeos… and basically every other reviewer who have played them. I’d also at least get the center to match.
Elac B6 or AirMotiv 6’s would be about the only other speakers I’d consider, although they’re both long shots. I’d have to be real tight on my budget or find an unpassable deal to not buy Klipsch or SVS.
Finally, for subs, I’m considering either dual SVS PB-2000, Klipsch 112, or building my own Ultimax 15’s.

Sorry for the long post. I don’t expect anyone to answer each individually, feel free to give advice on one or all or just let me know what you have! Also would like to hear from people who have owned one or more of these! Thanks!

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You mentioned a Pioneer receiver and an amp. The receiver (which seems a pretty solid choice, BTW) already has 9 amp channels it. But you said 7.2.4 which means 11 amp channels for full range speakers. Are you planning to use the amp to power the main front stereo pair? Or do you just need a cheap amp to power some of the overhead speakers? I recommend the former if you’re gonna use this system for music in addition to movies.

To be more helpful, can you tell us how big your room is, both volume and approximate dimensions? And also a ballpark figure for your total budget?

I will definitely have to use an amp for the atmos channels. I will probably also get an amp for front stage at some point. My room is approximately 15’ wide by 30’ long and my budget is dependant on how patient I am lol I would ballpark 2-3k

Not including TV. Audio only

That sounds like a large-ish room. I’d recommend high efficiency speakers. Klipsch speakers usually are quite high efficiency. Elac usually not so much. An inherent limitation is an amplifier cannot put out more energy than it pulls out of the wall outlet. The more amp channels you pack in there, the less energy there is to go around. So high efficiency speakers will get more out of the available amp power. “More” here means loudness, not sound quality. The larger the room, the more important that is. That’s my advice on speakers right now.

There are not many standalone “atmos channels” amps out there that I can tell. I would double check that the Pioneer receiver allows preout for the main front channels. If so, buy a Crown stereo amp for the mains and use the Pioneer’s built in amps for the rest of the channels. The Crown XLi800 is $270 on Amazon right now and should be main channel anchor for you for years. It also is powerful enough where if you eventually decide you like the sound of a particular low-efficiency pair of main speakers, you’ll have plenty of power.

Hope this helps.


Also the nice thing about the klipsch speakers is that their horn tweeter is not as sensitive to position, so there is a wider sweet spot which can be helpful for ht

I would look for an external surround processor and then get some nice power amps (or a multichannel one)

I have looked into the Emotiva MC-700, I believe? Along with the A-100 amp or A-300. I love the idea of running Emotiva equipment if my budget allows it. The speakers I would have to hear for myself

An emotiva setup would be pretty nice and would work pretty well imo

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