New iPhone User Audio Questions

After being an Android user since 2009, I had to move to iPhone this week for personal, but very specific reasons. The audio/music side of this transition seems extremely convoluted, and admittedly, whenever it’s been brought up in the review of other audio gear I’m certain I just blacked out :rofl:

  • So clearly I can’t get a high bitrate stream over bluetooth. I have a Fiio BTR7, but it looks like over bluetooth all I can do is AAC at relatively low quality (44K/24B). If I plug into it over USB on Spotify, I get bumped up to 44K/32B, which I believe is where Spotify maxes out on any device. Is there any way around this?

  • In a car, what is the best way to play audio when your source is an iPhone? Am I just stuck with AAC if its Bluetooth? I think my S.O.'s car has Carplay, is that any better? If I really care, is my best bet to plug my phone in to an external device, and plug that into my car’s Aux?

  • I can still use Spotify Connect to play off of my Google Home devices, but if I wanted to cast music from Plex that seems like it’s off the table. Is that correct?

  • My Plex server is down due to some router trouble, but if I stream from that over USB to the Fiio BTR7, will that play losslessly?

  • If I airplay or cast something from my Plex library to gear in my house, will that be downsampled due to the limitations of the iPhone?

  • Are there any common best practices for iPhone users and their audio gear that I haven’t even thought to ask yet? It hasn’t been a week, and I’m still just trying to get all my apps set up.

Thanks for any help and/or insight!