New kid needs help: Auto sampling rate and the Loxjie D30

Hello everyone!

I’m kinda new to the hifi scene so this might sound like a stupid question…
My Loxjie D30 (DAC/AMP combo) just arrived and i was wondering if the sample rate changes automatically when playing back music?

I have some local FLAC files in 96khz format but no matter which audio player I use (foobar/vlc) my loxjie doesn’t display the files sampling rate. It just displays my set rate (which is 32 bit, 44.1khz). I have installed the Loxjie driver and my source is just regular USB. When Z plays back music (using his Topping D10 for example) the displayed sample rates keep switching. [Edit: Depending on the songs format of course]

I keep reading about ‘exclusive modes’ in programms, WASAPI and ASIO…
What are those? Do I need them for changing sampling rates on my dac?

Now I do not really care which number is displayed on my little interface i just want to be certain my DAC is overriding the motherboards soundcard…

Any help would be much appreciated!!

[Edit 2: Weirdly, Windows is displaying the unit as speaker, and not as that interface thingy icon. Does that mean anything?]

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Do you
you solved the problem?

Might be too late, but I’ll try to help. Sorry didn’t see this thread back when it was posted.

Yes. So if you select your device through Windows, the sound that is played back will be resampled. This is usually same for most OS, simply because it’s easier to manage for the developers, but of course that’s not what we want. What we want is a bitperfect audio playback, and that’s the role of WASAPI and ASIO.

These exclusive modes made it possible for the media player to communicate directly to the DAC. Between WASAPI and ASIO, many said WASAPI is better. Personally I use WASAPI. Later you will see that there are WASAPI event and WASAPI push. Generally you want to try using event first, but if it doesn’t work properly, go for the push.

That’s just fine IMO.