New Klipsch reference speakers



Using the word “Reference” as model name and marketing it clearly by the purpose of what the word indicates while the product is only


They should be the The thing. The best. The “Reference”…
And they place a poopish “Atmos” nonsense speaker on top of the speakers so you can have poor reflected surround sound… so they everything else than actually anything remotely pointing to Reference that pops in my mind.

Im only saying this cause the Sonic Reference is something else than these Klipsch’s…

Maybe they improved the series and the RP line gets an update. Happy the new series is being rolled out , then the current RP lines go on sale.

Not everyone can afford THX speakers. I notice using an all neumi atmos system the AVR is way down on power.

what bugs me is they say Reference…reference to what? definitely not music cause you don’t need SS then. :stuck_out_tongue:

These are the speakers to measure other speakers dynamic range, a point of Reference. You need to own a set to be a true audiophile.

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but, but, but…my non-reference speakers are my reference!

Sorry, klipsch engineered and finely tuned to be the Reference, benchmark if you will to which other speakers are to judged.

what exactly are you trying to say Flac?

lots of brands make ‘reference’ speakers; what is so special about Klipsch? :thinking:

Many can claim to be reference but there can be only one.

Also, i can get them on clearence at costco. For the international members thats a bulk wholesale grocery chain.
You can get a 12 pack of french bread pizza and some speakers how great is that ?

Im being goofy with the klipsch branding, you can get them costco though. Reference R15 was my first set of books, theyre muddy compared to neumis. Maybe the new model improved, they come with magnetic grills, thats a good sign. Zeos gave klipsch postive reviews we’ll see if they send him a pair to go over.


okay…I thought we were doing wordplay and talking tongue in cheek. :wink:

reference is a lousy word to use as if you were to demo all of Klipsch’s demo speakers, they wouldn’t sound similar at all. perhaps you’d pick up the house sound of the brand, but everything else would be a crap shoot.

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For home theatre, youtubers use the word to describe how loud they watch a movie when tinkering with their AVR.

I hear ELAC have flat frequency response. One of these days ill get around to order a set to hear what that sounds like.

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I would buy a set of the new reference line if it came with 8in drivers like the RB81II

if you want to go for 8" woofers, why not go with 10" woofers and if you do, forget about them and grab some 12" and then before you waste your money get what you really wanted all along, a stack of 15"!!!

… or just 8" cause they’re affordable. :wink:

I want to dip my toe in tower speakers but dont want having to deal with dragging lumbering floorstanders between houses.
With the RB81 or similar dimension monitors i can box’em and a hand cart, off we go. With towers you have to palletize the damn things.

between houses? how often do you move??? :flushed:

Since the plague ive run to ground :slightly_frowning_face:.
Before covid my natural habitat is the airport club lounge.

Get a load of these.

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that is a nice looking speaker!

any idea on price?

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I use a pair of those, in combination with a klipsch 10" sub (quite old, not sure of the exact model name) with my old tv in my second living room, and they are great as a 2.1 setup for watching tv series… When i used them for music, i had them as “desktop” speakers, way too big, but with a bit of toe in towards me they worked pretty well as that too. But, the music sounded a bit better if i rolled back my office chair a meter or so form where i usually sat :sweat_smile:

I’ve had them for over 8 years now, and i really like them. If i could make them work just a little bit better near field i would still have them on my computer desk, but for now there is a pair of Dali Oberon 3 there instead. Those are not perfect for near field either, but quite a bit better. I should probably go with smaler speakers on my desk, but i like the “bigger” sound larger speakers tend to give :slight_smile:


Dont know but i bet the price is big as the monstrocity. I cant afford them someone upstate hit this weeks poweball.

amazon got them on sale. But Not sure how much difference in timbre theyre from the RP-line.