New Massdrop Hifiman cans HE-35X 95$

Just saw the new HIFIMAN HE-35X massdrop cans. I guess these were a step below the HE400i and the HE4XX?

Ehhh, it’s a retuned he350 which is a dynamic driver hifiman from massdrop that didn’t sound too great. They probably retuned it but at 95 bucks it just doesn’t make sense imo as you can just get a 4xx for 130

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they reworked them last drop the was on to actually be decent

Wait you have heard them? I still doubt they are better than the 4xx tho and you only pay 30 bucks more

no I hanen’t heard them I just saw reviews from people who were trying them out. I should have put an apparently on the last comment

but I dont think they are better just based off reviews. they got shit on the first time they dropped cause the highs were litterally killing people’s ears then the the second drop cam,e along and fixed all the issues. also they are Dynamics not planars sadly

Yeah the old ones were not the greatest lol. Yeah hifiman doesn’t do the best job with their dynamics imo

I would imagine so. seeingas they are mainly planar manufaturers

Yeah pretty much. Their edition s was pretty neat and when you could pick them up at 65 bucks usd it was actually a fairly compelling option if you treated them well (not the most reliable build)

The HE-35X is just the HE-350 with a reinforced yoak, and the Focus-A pads.

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There we go lol. Not something I personally would want to buy

The Focus-A pads are what comes on the HE-4XX, and personally sound better then stock or brainwaves angled pleather. Still not great. Oh, they swapped the 2.5mm connections for 3.5mm.

That’s true, but then again the 4xx for 30 bucks more is a no brainier for me

Agreed. I will say that I understand that some people don’t like the extra weight, and like a lighter headphone.

I will take the weight of it means a better can. But honestly I would spend another $20 on a open back dynamic and grab the X2 hr myself if I wanted something lighter than the 4xx.

the 35x is an open back dynamic…

Yep, was brought up earlier and if I wanted a open back dynamic I would rather grab the X2 hr

oh…misunderstood the context of your post, apologies.

my bad for wording it wrong sorry

no no, after re-reading, I saw you did say you would spend the extra for the X2HD. I misread and thought you were lamenting having to spend an extra to get open back dynamics, like you didn’t you know the 35x are open back…which you did.

I liked mine and they came from the first batch. can’t say I’ve noticed the treble spike, but could be the music I listen to.

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