New ModMic USB mic

Seems like a good choice for people who like the idea of having a modmic, but don’t want to get an interface or have to worry about a noisy motherboard input


wonder when they’ll come out with a low latency bluetooth so you can be wireless and not worry about snagging more cables.

They already have the ModMic Wireless but the sound quality is subpar at best. And TBH most of the headphones people would be using it with would be wired anyway

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interesting. wonder why it’s sub par…all you have to do is add a battery.

Because it’s wireless and there is a limit to bandwidth, it has some dsp noise reduction, and it has to go through a bluetooth codec, so the quality is greatly reduced imo

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if we can hear almost lossless quality music over Bt, I don’t see how a mono mic would suffer from bandwidth issues. :thinking:

Well then, go find a demo on youtube and listen for yourself lol. The main issue is latency, as for lower latency you can’t typically have as high as bandwidth. Also battery life would suffer if bandwidth was higher, and it also might be less compatible with some devices

yes…latency would be the issue…hence why I pondered about ‘low latency’ wireless mic, hee hee! :wink:

I think I’ll try this out in a couple weeks. It’d be nice if it actually worked for me and got some gear off my desk, but I wasn’t a fan of the modmic 5.

They do sound pretty similar though, so I wouldn’t expect too much of a sonic upgrade

I read their blog, I was just hoping that since it’s usb, I might be able to get it louder. That was a problem with the modmic 5 for me, I couldn’t get it as loud as my headset mic. I’m sure there is software that can correct it maybe (I don’t know), but I also would like to get rid of equipment on my desk just for use for a mic. They speak of some improvements to their adc and uni mic, so I hope that translates into some sound quality improvements as well. I’m going to be getting an Aeolus soon, so I was thinking maybe, just MAYBE, modmic might work for me this time.

That could be the case, I would also expect less noise as well, so if need be you could run it through a real time gain boosting program

Yeah, It’s really important for me that I get a mic solution worked out eventually since I’m usually in a call with my SO on discord most of the day. I need the sound quality to be there without noise from clicks and clacks of the keyboard, etc.So, here’s hoping this won’t be an $80 waste of my time :slight_smile:

Gotcha, well hope you enjoy it, and let us know if it’s worthwhile