New music vs old music

Some of you may find this interesting. Some may not :man_shrugging:

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Here’s a counter argument from an actual composer

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Good vid, thanks! As always, there are very few absolutes in life.

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Modern music has always been the same. The majority of Pop is usually light casual music easy and simple. The better deeper music is usually on the outskirts of the music scene and it has to be searched for. it also is not easily liked and it usually takes a number of listening sessions to catch on to. not so with pop music which the thoughty2 video is mainly talking about. Badly. The best artists sometimes get on top 40 radio with the lightest of their compositions.

Pop music has always eaten itself. Its copies each other and doesnt like complexity. When we look back at the most popular artists today we ignore that many of them were not played on top 40 radio. But they are so popular and iconic today that we assume they were.

I also take offense at the thoughty2 video for putting down electronics in music. Electronic music and drums have had a noble tradition in music since Kraftwerk and onward, making some of the best music out there. It depends on how it is used. And electronics in the studio has vastly improved the quality of music.

Also comparing the Beatles masterpiece album to pop music is ridiculous. Sgt pepper was really 7 albums and years in the making. Its from a band that were genius and incredibly talented and had already peaked a number of times. Comparing them pop music?


Well, “pop music” is everything that is popular. In that video he just shows that once St Pepper was number one, now some crap is. The decline started in the 70s when people realized how much money can you make in music. It was the time when industry took over. Remember a line from a pink floyd song - “i really like your music, but whos Pink?” was the lyric that described how much corporate guys care about actual music.
Also in 70s the whole “club” culture started. Big, cheap open air shows turned into some exlusive places where you couldnt get in. But since it was popular people did anything to get in. I guess thats where pop stars because bigger than life reality stars.

For me, im a bit stuck in the past… there are of course new music that i find interesting and good, but i mostly listen to 70s rock/progrock, 90s rock/alternative rock/grunge and some various electronica. I do listen to new music (and other genres like pop, disco, folk and what not) but i find it gets longer between finding a new song or band i really like.

When I do discover new bands and songs though, sound wise many of them have their inspiration/roots in 70s music. And, in general i do prefer a band playing “real” instruments, and not basing it all on drum machines and synthesizers even though there are lots of electronica i like.

Being born in '76 probably doesn’t help as you tend to get a bit stuck in what you like the older you get (this certainly does not apply to every one though). I’m just glad my proper music interest didn’t really “wake up” until the 90s and Nirvana’s Nevermind album release. Dodged a bullet with all that 80s hair metal and all that 80s pop :stuck_out_tongue:

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Peoples opinions of music changes over the years.
There was a lot of music you wouldn’t have caught me listening to or admitting liking when it was popular, but I’ll listen to it and enjoy it now.
I disliked the Police when they were popular, I can listen to it now and be blown away with how good they sounded for a 3 piece, and how well done some of it is.
It goes the other way too, I loved Rainbow when they “popular” (relatively), but I go back and listen now and while there are a few gems and I can always appreciate Richie Blackmore, there are a lot of turds on the albums.

I try to find new music every Friday. I look in Rock, Alt Rock, Blues and Jazz. I buy, on average, 3 to 4 songs a week. Some weeks it’s one song and the next week it’s a whole album.

I read an article recently ( I think it was Rolling Stone), that people stop disvovering and buying new music at the age of 28 on average. That doesn’t surprise me at all. I grew up in the 70’s and most people I know spend 95% of their time listening to 60’ and 70’s music and have for the last 40 years. That would drive me insane!

Could you imagine only watching movies made between 1964 and 1979 for the rest of your life?

Now is the best time ever to be a music lover. There are so many ways to find new music and there’s lot of good music out there if you want to hunt for it.

I go out and pick up 3 albums a week regardless of genre. Most of the time they are blind buys

Really? I couldn’t imagine doing that. I couldn’t listen to hip-hop, country or classical.

Can you really listen to ALL genres and like all of them? If so, that is a rare gift.

I listen to most things.
There is some esoteric Jazz I won’t listen to, Rap does nothing for me and I don’t find choral music interesting.
Classical is a huge genre to ignore, with massive variation. It covers centuries of material…

Death/black metal is my only limit. But the record store I go to is heavily curated by the owner so that doesn’t show up often unless it’s really good or well regarded

I love horn jazz, but I find about 30 - 40% of my collection pretty self indulgent and hard to listen to.
I am not much for orchestral or Opera. I do enjoy when choirs or orchestras delve into pop/rock music.

There’s great music in every era and all years. You just have to look beyond pop and mass radio play. In defense of the “old” however I will say this. Before MTV all there was, was the music. Post MTV the artist appearance and visual hook became as important an in some cases the most important aspect for the success or failure of an artist. There were always artists that gave a show and that show came with visual glam and glitz. But the main thing you knew about your favorite artist was their music, not their appearance.

Post MTV that all changed. Groups like Duran Duran became all about the image. Let me tell you, you’ve never seen so many insane horny teenage girls in your life as I saw in a MSG concert, around 84 or 85 of Duran Duran. No I wasn’t into the music, but my friend hat tickets and… the chicks, did I mention the chicks?

Anyway back to the defense of the “old”. What there was back then versus what there is now, is variety in the mainstream.

Take a look at Billboard’s top 100 list for 1977 and see how many different artists and genres are represented there. Funk, rock, punk, disco, R&B, jazz and easy listening. Today Billboard top 100 wouldn’t ever be so diverse in it’s content. And variety is never a bad thing.

One of the things I love most about streaming is the ease in which you can explore artists related to artists you like or in the genre and I’ve been turned on to dozens of artists or groups I would never have been turned on to had I not been able to freely explore the music.

Exactly, there will ALWAYS be good music in every generation. It’s not the artist’s fault that people don’t know where to look.

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grew up in the 70’s. started listening to music in the 80’s. i listen mainly to the artists of that period. I was into the new wave and most of the music coming out of britain (Duran, ect…) and ireland (U2), scotland (Simple Minds). Australia (Midnight Oil)

But throughout the years i dont look for new music that much. I listen to XMU on sat radio every once in a while. I usually wait till i start hearing about an artist a lot. they start wining album of the year and such. Then i’ll go check them out. its how i found out about radiohead, a great band ive enjoyed a lot. Also Coldplay, Arcade Fire.

I hear you on the Billboard thing, but that is just old technology. When I grew up in the 70’s, radio was VERY limited. You needed to visit friends and go to parties and bars to hear new music.

Now, if you stream the choice is almost too large. Much like Amazon and iTunes you have to work at finding new music. I spend about two hours every week music hunting on iTunes. There are dozens and dozens of albums released each week across different genres. You just have to dig through them. Most folks won’t dedicate the time.

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You know, the funny thing is “image” and videos and the whole visual aspect of music actually started with Queen. I believe the Bohemian Rhapsody (1975) video kicked off the whole thing.

There was a whole lot of “image” in that era, David Bowie, Kiss, Queen as you mention. But they were primarily a stage play, but the image came after the music.

I prefer the olding master mixering as the new shit.
The older Mixering and Songs are so better and naturaly as the new.
The New are too static,with no feeling,no love and charme.

I find this Bullshit.
I find when you makes Music you must can play an Instrument when you singing.
Look today any one have a Good voice okay,and is directly a fucking Popstar why She/He have a good voice.
With this new mixering Session you can mixing all out and you don‘t need Guys how play in the Background.

You don‘t hear the warm fully guitar or the basist how makes crazy things on it,or Piano and the rest.

And all and every one in the World makes Party with so Bullshit music.
That are nothing with a Popstar who can just singing a little bit.
That‘s a reason why i Buy no Cd‘s from same Groups.
A good old Lp okay that‘s fine this is music for me on it.

I don ‚t can play a guitar or anything else, but when i would i can learn it.
I love the old music,Old Hip Hop 2 pac,Snoop,ice cube,ect or U2,the cardingans,Metallica,Gun‘s and roses.
Same Pop of 80 and 90 s,debut 2000 the music are good to.
But the new shit over same years,is better to get it into the throw.