New Neve stuff coming!

New amp, DAC, and phono pre. Exciting stuff!

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I really wonder if the headphone amp is really different from the rnhp, as I kinda doubt it will be as it just looks like a facelift and impedance adjustment. The other products look pretty interesting though.

You’re probably right, but we’ll see when the spec sheet and reviews show up. I’m more excited about the price drop of RNHP than the new stuff. Haha

My bad, the specs are here:

Looks like most of the write-up was copied from the RNHP page. Basically just a new enclosure. It does look nice, though

They almost look like some of the Peachtree audio designs

Totally. A Neve/Peachtree stack would look nice

This DAC AMP combo looks like a dream. It has everything that someone can ask. XLR for headphones, XLR for monitors (fixed also for line) and analog input as well. Also is so beautiful… If it will prove power also… Man I don’t want to sell my RME… Interesting that the hobby is getting the attention of more pro manufacturers!

I listened to them at CanJam London yesterday. They’re pretty sweet

it’s funny that one pic has a pair of headphones that are set for use on Bluetooth :crazy_face:

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Lol, nice catch. Or Rupert Neve has accidentally leaked his secret way to power headphones without using cables by sending an electrical signal using some sort of waveform that is picked up in the drivers of the headphones, completely eliminating the need for cables in headphones.

Did they mention a price while you were there?

They said between ÂŁ3000-ÂŁ4000 for the DAC. But they also said that every other company at the show said that they should sell it for more than that. Maybe the other companies just want them to charge too much to lower sales, but it was very clean

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Looks like I’ll be sticking with RNHP, then. :joy:

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Hmm very interesting. I have always enjoyed Neve designed products, like microphones and preamps, or rack mounted effects like compressors or eqs, and have always wanted to try a neve console, but never really been super excited about neve digital gear.

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As an owner of the headphone amp… I can say that DAC/amp combo with the AKM chip looks magically delicious… cost will be high for sure.