New Office setup for the Wife

So my wife has had M-Audio AV40s in her office for the last couple years (stolen after I upgraded my speakers) and to say she’s been unhappy with them is an understatement. They’ have AWFUL off-axis response, which is pretty important because she sits on the floor putting together boxes for hours.

We have about $500 budgeted for this, but since she’s just charged me to “fix it” and she doesn’t want to have any input. Only requirements are, the amp must also have at least a TOSLink capable DAC, and she wants a good sub. WAF is not an issue, we’re unashamed Studio 590 owners. Function over form. Bluetooth/Chromecast Music is a nice to have, but by no means a requirement.

So right now I’m thinking about an OriGain AD250, RB42s and a BIC F12 for her 18x15x10 office. But I’d love to hear alternative components that’ll play in that price range.

Rap and EDM are the primary genres. She usually plugs in her headphones when she switches to gaming, so I’m gonna say that we’re just looking for something to satisfy her work-day music needs.

I don’t know if the origain is going to be enough, because I’ve seen others on here dissatisfied with it’s performance with the rb42.

Personally I would suggest the SMSL AD18 instead if you want to stay in that budget range