New PC build- Resident Evil themed

Since I’m pretty content with my audio setup, I’m working on a new pc build for everything coming out the next couple of months (and probably after due to shortages). The more I think about it I’m thinking a Resident Evil themed build. If anyone has suggestions on parts I’d appreciative, namely a good resevoir with a red double helix. Green or blue might be ok later on but really want to go with a white/black and red aesthetic.

This was done in mspaint and is not really to scale, just a rough plot.
Case will almost certainly be Lian Li O11 mini. This is plotted out more like the dynamic which I have currently so I’m expecting the decreased height to fill in some of the blank space on the right side.

Tubing. this will be my first custom loop so I will be using soft tubing.

Fittings although grey in the picture I’m leaning towards chrome which I think will really pop with the red liquid mostly white case and black components

Motherboard I’m torn between a mostly black or white board. Will be going ITX to fit the 360 radiators on top and bottom. RAM will likely be primarily white, maybe RGB for some red accent

Radiators I’ll look for ones with an inlet/outlet on both sides so I wont have tubing going all over the place although having them go across the case might fill in some of the blank space, just depends on how much I’ll have to work with

CPU block and top of the case a Umbrella Corp. logo. Top of the case could be skewed a few degrees and running off the side of the case instead of just being on there completely.

Front window of the case I would like to do a small LCD panel for thermal readouts. Above that maybe I can find a sticker for Tyrant or Nemesis or might just leave the window as it is.

You are aware watercooling doubles the cost of the computer, right?

A friend of mine and I watercooled his machine. Hard tube is not diffcult to handle. Just buy twice as much as you need and measure twice, cut once.

Check out Singularity Computers, that guy devoted his life to extreme builds, and by now has a damn good protfolio of parts he sells via various retailers.
For example a red aluminium Res-mount

For that helix, are you thinking more UV Red or more Blood Red?
Could also directly buy a Res with UV-Red Helix and UV-Lamp.

IIRC Alphacool made some.
Edit: Misremembered, was Hardware Labs Link
Edit 2: Did not misremember, Alphacool also has those Link

:warning: What ever radiator you buy, flush them out with tap water first, then with distilled water, then install them.

If you want to go soft tubing, maybe consider EK ZMT and go with red fittings instead.
Any kind of color or effect in the fluid will require semi-regular maintenance.

Cost wise im estimating probably $500ish. Ill also be getting a new video card and probably cpu depending on what we see from amd so its going to be pretty expensive but i want this one to last me awhile for 2k and 4k gaming.

Id consider using hard tubing but i think with some 45 degree fittings i think i can make some decently straight runs from one component to the next

That blood red would look sick. I debated on doing a dark case and after seeing a few others people have done i think i want to like a clean sterile operating room type look so probably no uv at least right now

Ideally i dont want any logos on the sides of the radiators showing but im sure that would be easily fixable

thank you for the tubing rec, black would be nice but also maybe red tubing…if i can make sure the reds are going to match and just run clear fluid that would be much better than colored fluid

I did a little more thinking before i went to bed about that empty space so this looks a little better to me

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Could just get some black vinyl.

Concerning Umprella Corp. stuff, check Etsy and similar places.

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