New Schiit Asgard 3 thoughts?

Hell all, Schiit recently released a refresh of their Asgard amp just wondering if it is worth getting compared to what else is out there. It sells for 199 USD and numbers look impressive. Just wanted to hear thoughts on the refresh. It runs 3.5W into 32 ohm’s and has only a single ended output. Here’s a link

I have a pair of Dekoni blues with a dragonfly black as my portable dac/amp but at home i have a FX dac x6 for home use and am looking for more power to drive the blues. Would this be a good upgrade or should i go with an Atom, OL stack or a Magni, Modi stack.

I would probably take this over the stacks, but if you wanted the most transparent sound, I would go with the atom. That’s alot of power for the price. Although if you wanted even more power, the emotiva basx a100 could be had for a similar price and with the jumpers removed, output around 8.5 wpc into 50 ohms

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