New Schiit Vali 2+: Impulse buy and exploration

Glad to hear you like it. I plan to add one to my stack along with a loki and sys to make a schiit-scraper. When and where I’ll find that money before being distracted by other stuff… i dunno. :laughing:

So… the 6SN7 adapter didn’t fit because of the top. 4 screws later I solved that for the time being. With the BF2 + Eikons… sounds wet and fun.


You could have tried a 6922/ECC88 socket saver to give the 6922 to 6SN7 adapter some clearance.

Yeah but… It would not look nearly as entertaining. Also that socket saver was out of stock at the time.

the stock tube is 6bz7 correct? i just ordered this as a pre amp for the Jot 2 to add some tube to the sound some people have said they tube rolled with this tube RCA 6CG7 / 6FQ7 Audio Tubes -

would this work? im confused about what type of tubes will fit since people are using all different types. maybe a 6sn7 adapter would work but then which adapter type would i need? thanks!

You would need this

But in DagoRed’s post he had some clearance issues so he took the top off.

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6CG7 fits in the Vali 2+ without an adapter. @Dezz was ill informed. The 6SN7 is completely different base.

Also, I think this is my current favorite tube:


i will check it out. never got a non NOS tube before.

Good for you?

what do you mean?

Sorry i misread it i thought he was looking for an adapter for the 6SN7 i misread this post. You are correct sir.

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All good. Just little details.