New Setup Sanity Check


Firstly, I do not game competitively in the strictest sense of the word, but definitely spend most of my gaming in FPS’s such as Squad or Hell Let Loose and would like to upgrade the “edge” audio-wise. I do play other games here and there like Phasmophobia, Valheim, small fun/casual games, etc, but for now am focusing on the FPS side of things.

For a long time I’ve used the Turtle Beach PX22 headset, but recently decided I’d like to upgrade. I initially considered a “fancy” wireless headset from Corsair or the likes, but figured at that price-point I could do much better.

Step 1
Upon seeing recommendations around here, I purchased and have been using the Tygr 300R with the PX22 around my neck as my mic (annoying). I initially disliked the Tygrs but have come around on them a bit, but feel I am missing details by them being more bass oriented which overpowers other sounds in game.

Step 2
After doing as much reading/watching as possible researching this stuff, I have decided to give the DT 880s (600 ohm) a try and are waiting for them to arrive. I also bit the bullet on a Schiit stack of the Modi 3+/Magni 3+. Though I have heard the Asgard 3 is really nice with these headphones, it’s a bit out of budget with other potential purchases I may need to make and is currently months out on backorder.

Where I’m at now
In order to get the old headset off my neck, I need a new mic which I am still up in the air about and is largely the reason I am writing this post. I am between getting a:

  • Antlion ModMic (USB)
  • Dynamic mic. Considering the Samson Q2U or the Rode Podmic as starter options
  • Least preferred: USB Condenser like the HyperX Quadcast or Blue Yeti (simply for ease of use, I know it’s a condenser and don’t have a treated room or anything like that).

My mic is mostly for in-game VOIP, Discord, and the occasional video-conferences. No singing, streaming or anything unless a family member wants to get into that down the road. So on to the real questions:

  1. Is there any reason not to go with the ModMic (at least for now)? It obviously won’t have the best sound quality, but not sure it matters.

  2. If I were to go with an XLR dynamic mic and needed an interface (Q2U has USB so wouldn’t have to get one initially)…

    a. Would it make more sense to get something like the Motu M2 and connect that to the Magni 3+ to be used as an interface and DAC and eliminate the Modi 3+?

    b. Would there be a noticable difference through the 880s?

    c. Would the interface-as-a-DAC route allow for volume-controllable sidetone? Pure curiosity here as I haven’t missed it using the Tygrs, but not sure if the openness of the 880s will let me hear myself as well.

Sorry for the wall of text. My head has been spinning with all this new information and finally pulled the trigger on the 880s and Schiit stack then wondered if maybe I should take a different approach. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!

Having a DAC and AMP is always advantage and something you’ll anyway should have so that’s not wasted. You also have that iFi Zen DAC(/AMP) which I know has gotten good reviews. But I don’t own that or Schiit stack so I don’t know how they compare.

I also play Squad and I’ve been testing around a lot of different headset, pretty much being a pain in the butt for Falenkor here asking him out about everything (he’s a great guy and very helpful). Squad has an incredible good sound for exploitations and shooting with a crazy dynamic range. The rest of the sound engine is probably not that good, as it’s really hard to place sound vertically (horizontal is alright). But if you get a “competitive” headset, you’ll miss out of that great sound. Yes you’ll hear footsteps when grenades are exploding and tanks are shooting, but it makes the game a lot less enjoyable.

So my recomendation would be to either get the Philips Fidelio X2HR, or even better the HarmonicDyne Zeus. They have good soundstage and in my ears really good directional audio (where Zeus is the best), but their bass will cover the small details. However if you found the Tygr 300R to have too much bass then I think you’re better off with the DT 880s that you got then x2hr or Zeus.

For me the mistake I made was going for the pure “competitive” audio but that audio is a lot less immersive in game, which made me enjoy it less. In terms of Squad, maybe 1 out of 100 cases having for example a DT 1990 Pro would give you the kill because it’s a different way of playing and playstyle then something like Valorent or simlar.

The modmic has decent sound quality and more then good enough for discord and squad. Have a look at youtube and I’m sure you find plenty of sound tests of the mic.

Lol I’ve had to deal with worse

You have the zen dac correct? Make sure the bass button isn’t on of course but you can eq the bass back a little on peace apo if on pc… the tygr does have some issues In very certain fps In terms of bass… however if its sounds are in the mids… it’s going to be a sore spot since tygr in that particular regard is recessive

Well that’s a hell of a change lol. 880 will be a rather large change in overall sound, expect it to be more intimate as it has less soundstage but you may find this better who knows… some people like smaller stages as theyve found it helps them better place sounds

It’s very nice just in general… granted for explicitly gamers? Not particularly necessary and can be more of an endgame for most. Is it on backorder? Hell I’ll be selling my black one soon I gotta clean out some clutter I upgraded past asgard a way back

Does its job… passable for gaming? Very good

I loved Samson there for a while… great mic. Depends on your background noise really

Yeti outclasses hyperx in many areas and I’ve seen them sold for like $60… only use condensers if you have a quiet room


Dedicated dac will usually be better but you can do this and be alright… its gaming not studio work keep in mind a dac can help imaging clarity too though

Likely in overall detail and levels of distortion/clarity… 880 is a little pickier

Not in my ball park in particular. 880 is semi open so you’ll still hear yourself just not as much

I actually just got this game after being pestered to hell and back. Haven’t sat with it just yet only tested some headphones since a buddy owns it…

Tarkov is still better but I will agree this ones sound engine surprised me

Nope not imo not at all

I mean, if he wants giant soundstage and a V shape fun type signature sure why the hell not. Zeus is on my wall… very good cans


That or k702 or hd 560s depends on preference and present issues

I do warn about this… alot… people though want the Best case use or whatever. I use headphones I still find very comfortable and enjoyable though I happen to love bright headphones so it works out. I cannot stress enough go with comfort over functionality… no point in using something you cant stand or you have issues with…

No, my first dac and amp are on the way (Modi 3+/Magni 3+). Currently the Tygrs are plugged into the volume control of some desktop Creative speakers.

Haha yea. Love the build quality of the Tygrs and after reading your competitive breakdown and seeing similar recommendations here and elsewhere I figured I’d try another Beyer. Coming from a basic headset, pretty used to the isolation so thought these could be in between and if they are bass-lite I might not miss it.

Schiit’s website says ships in 6-8 weeks

Nice, think I’m between the Samson and the ModMic, forget the condensers. Being used to a headset, I’m not sure I’ll enjoy having a mic in my face from the desktop, but also not excited at the prospect of a second cable either. The flexibility of the Samson having the option of USB or XLR is nice.

Meaning better with dynamic if I have more background noise?

Yea, since I don’t particularly have a need for an interface at this point, I’ll probably stick with the Modi then

Have too many hours in it lol. Got a bit stale waiting for some updates so my buddies and I switched over to Hell Let Loose for now, but am looking forward to testing the Tygr and the 880s in Squad though.

I’ll keep those in mind in case I’m not a fan of the 880s. Would the 58x be in that group as well? And would tall hose also benefit from a DAC/Amp?

Agreed. I did start to enjoy the Tygrs the more I used them, just felt I was missing some details like footsteps, so thought I would try some others. But if I don’t enjoy the 880s or others suggested above I would happily stick with the Tygrs for the enjoyment factor. Can always use those with the new amp as well right.

Appreciate the help guys. Finding this place with all the helpful advice and great discussion is a breath of fresh air.

Hmm those could be screwing with the signature of the tygr…

They are the more bass neutral of the bunch. 880 takes a more mids and highs approach instead similar to dt 1990.

Welp, that sucks lol

To be fair… condensers do not have to be in your face… I get mine like 2 feet away and it’s still loud and clear. Dynamics have to be close though due to the nature of design

Absolutely. They are designed like that… condensers are for sound proof quiet rooms

Should work well

560s = better than 58x for competitive. 58x is warmer and rather balanced

All headphones benefit from amps and dacs even headsets. Granted some more than others

I should pick up Tarkov again, I havn’t played it since early 2018 when it was in Alpha. Squad is pretty unique in the way of teamwork and tactics. I’d recommend you to try it with the Zeus when you test it again.

Possibly, but I actually thought they sounded better plugged into the speaker volume control than directly into the front panel audio out. Either way, I’ll give both the Tygr and the 880 a shot with the Modi/Magni when they all come in.

Yea, part of the reason I grabbed them. Figured I’d try out that signature and be able to compare against the Tygr

Yep lol. Will just have to keep an eye out should I decide to go that route

Good point. Which do you have?

Gotcha, I’ll keep that in mind should the need arise :slight_smile:

I mean, they should… its just creative is, to put it lightly, not the greatest in terms of allowing good sound qualities. Most of their stuff just isn’t that great.

would encourage that.

I have a few, but the one I mention of recent was Yeti X and elgato wave 3

Gotcha. Yea, those are the speakers I got after building my first PC a long time ago now lol.

Nice. Anything you don’t like about the elgato wave 3? Heard some good things and am considering the low profile boom arm if I decide not to go with the ModMic.

Not particularly, down to preference on particular sound but if its just good cleaner sound for your voice… it works fine. Overall control is a nice touch with it due to the software. plenty of better mics than it out there but its good for the price