New setup...Speakers & Headphones + DAC/AMP

Hello guys

I’m doing some upgrades at the moment, i finally want to upgrade my logitech speakers and my ATH50x with SMSL combo…

What i’m looking to get right now is a DAC/AMP combo or stack that will work with both headphones and speakers

For headphones i’m looking at the Sennheiser HD600s or the Beyer T1

For speakers i found a good deal for HS5s, Adam T5v and KRK G5s have not decided yet

what you think? is there a way i can get 1 Dac and 1 amp for both solutions?


I can honestly tell you right now that you can’t go wrong with T5Vs. I’ve had a pair for about 2 years now and they absolutely slap. I’ve heard that HS5s can get a little peaky and Rokits can have a bit too much bass.