New Speakers: Kef vs. Kef

I want to get new speakers for my desk which I will later use in the living room.
I’m torn between the Kef LS50 and R100.
Overall the LS50 fit my needs better and look way nicer imo, BUT they are about 850€ while the R100 are only ~480€.
Which one would you choose?

So, personally think the ls50 is the higher preforming speaker, but the r100 has a better value. Both are pretty good, but imo if you have the extra budget, the ls50 is the better choice (if you wanted a kef coaxal speaker)

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I agree with M0N…the LS50 is the way to go.

Also I should say that the lsx sits in the middle of you want to get some powered speakers (but they might not do the best in a living room)

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I missed the living room bit…the LS50 definitely will not work in a living room, they’re a nearfield solution. the LSX50 would do a much better job for a living room deployment though. definitely need to add a sub at that point though.

That’s not true, they can be both ways. The lsx is mainly good for nearfield imo, as they don’t do as well in a larger room

you’re right…I got my speakers backwards. the cheaper LSX50’s are for nearfield while the LS50’s are more suited for larger rooms. my bad.

I would say the ls50 and ls50 wireless are great both nearfield and in a room, and the lsx is mainly good on a desk but might leave a little to be desired in a room