New stack or No?

Hello there, i currently have the schiit magnius and modius stack if i wanted to get a new stack is there a logical upgrade path for me?

I currently use the focal elex because it was the next logical upgrade from the HiFi-Man Sundara.
To be clear there is nothing wrong with my current stack i just thought i would put feelers out there in case i wanted to try something new.

Im in the US
Budget is 800$ for dac and amp
I usually use spotify to listen to my music
I am ok with used equipment

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Here’s a better idea for increased fidelity: Upgrade your music source. Get Qobuz or Tidal for high-res streaming instead of 320 kbps Spotify.


hey AoMD, can you tell us more about the music genre’s you like to listen to? also, what is your audio source? PC? Mac? Phone? Tablet? Other?

both your cans will scale nicely with better equipment.

definitely give this a whirl first, I’d switch to Tidal since they recently changed their plans too, I’m quite tempted to grab it but I’m a cheapskate

I have a magnius/modius as well and I think it’s great, but if you’re itchin to upgrade decide whether you’re stickin with Schiit and movin up from there or going with somethin else entirely

Tidal is a great reco. Regarding the stack - I first wanted to ensure you’re already using balanced outputs/inputs and headphone cable. I’d assume so, but you never know. If not, an affordable cable investment would pay dividends. A DDC to take USB input and kick out AES connection to DAC is another non-conventional upgrade possibility.

If we need new stack, a magnificent synergy for the Focal Clear OG is the Schiit Bifrost 2 + RNHP amp. You could find this stack for near your budget. I don’t have direct experience with it on Elex. I think you current DAC is better than current amp, if you need to slice off one of them.

metal,rock, jazz. PC is my source I also use this setup for watching movies

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appreciate this info I was gifted 1 year of spotify for christmas last year. I started with a fulla 3 and then bought an IFI ZEN DAC and now I have schiit stack based on recommendations. I am open to other brands but also I don’t have to upgrade

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appreciate this input, yes I am currently using a balanced xlr cable.

my headphones are what I would call endgame; my stack still works I was just curious what else was out there maybe I might be tempted to upgrade to. I got a free years worth of spotifiy for christmas only reason I use itr curently

I was in the same boat as you. What I decided to do was spend the money on more headphones/IEMs instead of upgrading
I ended up snagging an Ifi go blu for 75 bucks in passing as well. So I have something besides my stack. It’s been plenty for me

I love my Schiit stack since it cost me 220 for the whole thing and they’ll be plenty since I’ve decided to sell my Edition XS

Apple Music offers up 24/192 and has a massive library of music… another hat to throw in the ring for streaming services.

Or come to the darkside and download SoulSeek :rofl:

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And I only use it for podcasts.
The other golden query that someone already popped in with is: what are you looking to charge about the sound?

A consideration that might shake things up on the amp side is a tube hybrid. Monolith Liquid Platinum keeps balanced output. Prices vary wildly, but I paid $288 brand new - and that’s an awesome about for HFM Planars like your Sundara. I’d really think about cleaning up source pre-DAC. Well considered, but affordable cables and maybe DDC solution. That and an amp for now. DAC, I think notable upgrades don’t come for $500-700 and the Modius offers good I/O flexibility.

imo unless you up your headphones probably not worth unless looking for different features, maybe just add a hybrid tube amp to the stack for when you wanna have some different flavor :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for the advice i appreciate it, ill just stick with what i have until it breaks lol