New stereo setup

Hello everybody!
So, I need your help:)
My old speakers (Mission QX2) broke, one of them started making a weird nose, fortunately Amazon did refund me, so I decided to buy some Kef Q350 (550€).
As a amplifier I use a Onkyo TX-8220, I was wondering, is it enough to reveal Kef’s full potential?
Or should I update it?
Keep in mind that I need a really simply 2ch amplifier, with FM radio.

Also, is there any other combo you guys suggest me for 1000€ in total (speakers + 2ch ampli)? Since I’m still in time to give back my Kef.
Keep in mind I use my stereo for Film, Gaming and Deezer (music in 1441kbps 16bit), and I’m into EDM stuff, but I really like to hear details in my songs. Clear voices and I like a warm sound.

Waiting for your opinions guys, thanks:)

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Hey! OK, I’m no expert here so I can only give you my opinion.

First off, nice KEF’s! I have heard very good things about them, so I am not sure they need to go back. I own an Onkyo product and I have to say I am a fan of the brand. I run a TX-SR444 as a HT core component and it does very well. In your case, the TX-8220 looks to be a nice receiver. It seems to be a functional unit for you as well. I feel that it will drive those KEFs well. Will it get the best out of them? Hard to say, I’m sure there are amps out there that will drive them better, but then the whole cost thing comes into play.

Have you hooked up the QEFs to to the Onkyo yet? If it were me I would go ahead and hook 'em up to see how they pair together and take it from there.

The simple way is to buy the Kef’s since you need speakers.
Try them out on Onkyo.

There was a 2018-2019 EISA reward on “Best Product” on compact music system with Denon CEOL N10. Atleast one of the local audio stores, sell’s them with Kef Q350 as combo-pack 889€.
Plenty of modern streaming capabilities.
It’s near budget and should be decent combo.

Getting FM radio these days is kinda difficult :smiley: Probably easier to connect some sorta separate device/tuner to an amp.

By really simple you mean that you don’t need digital inputs? :stuck_out_tongue:


somehow I edited last post instead of new reply :smiley:

The amp in question was Rega Brio

This AMP is really too expensive… I find it on for 900€… and it also doesn’t have FM radio, wich for me is important.
That Denon seems nice but will it really be an update?
Anyway I’ll wait for my KEF to arrive, then I’ll choose, but I was curious about your guys opinion:)

Well that little Denon looks cool. Thing is, I can’t really say if that would be an upgrade to what you already have. Personally I think they would be pretty evenly matched. I tend to like the Denon sound overall but I have no complaints with the Onkyo’s performance either. If there was a local shop where you could go and listen to the Denon I would certainly do that.

So I am going to hold firm to my original thought - Hook up the KEFs to the Onkyo and see what you get.

Yamaha RN303 $349 ?

Iotavx SA3 is a great amp, but doesnt have FM radio.

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This has my attention now… It’s the thing I’m looking for, because it seems toward audio quality, low distortion etc, without useless function for me (such as wifi and stuff like that). Because I was looking for a Marantz as well, that was designed for audio quality and bla bla but it had a lot of useless function for me, so if it was 600€ probabilly I was going to pay 100/200€ for functions I would never use.
It’s a shame it has not a FM radio, but maybe I can find a way to solve it.
Is there anything like this one you suggested me (so designed for audio quality, more than functions)? Even better with a FM radio?
Thanks guys:)

I can reccommend this also. I have the popular IOTAVX SA3 + Triangle Br03 combo and freaking love it.

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Integrated amp you can afford and build from there ? Gives option to add external DAC EQ but the drawback is form factor.

I have used it (together with the PA3) with Klipsch RP600Ms and KEF LS50 Meta`s - sounds great with both, quite neutral sounding, definitely not V-shaped like some Japanese amps seemed to me. Build quality is solid and if you need more POWER then you can buy the PA3 as well - then those two will work together. (One amp for each speaker, 95W per channel 8 ohms).

Sooo. I have my hands now on the KEF Q350, and I have hooked them up with my Onkyo.
To be honest, it’s good.
I have enough separation, definition and everything seems to sound nice. Obviously it’s not perfect.
I would love to have your honest opinion about how much much would effect changing my Denon with that IOTAVX. Because it seems pretty interesting and I have watched tons of video about it and everyone talks pretty well about it.
My only concern is to don’t get the full potential out of my KEF. I know it’s a cheap setup, but if you thinks that would make my setup more serious, and I will notice differences… Well in few days it’s my birthday… Soooo!
Thank you!:slight_smile:

I bought the IOTAVX SA3.
The difference is HUGE.
Better stereo separation, better soundstage, better bass (no distortion), everything sound better, and not just a little better but like at least three times better (if that means something).
Now I’m rabbit-holing and I think I’m also buying an external DAC, because I read in multiple places that the AMP inside the IOTA is very good but the internal DAC could be better, and since I’d love to have also a dedicated DAC/AMP for my headphone, I think I’m going to buy a DAC/AMP with also RCA Preout for the IOTA.
Thank guys, just sharing my experience:-)


Glad to hear that you like it :slight_smile: A separate DAC wouldn’t hurt, personally, I haven’t even used the onboard one. :smiley:

One thing bit annoying is that the amp doesnt have ground (in the AC plug) for some reason, some might find it bit weird. I recently added a iFi Groundhog to it, the static noise dropped somewhat afterwards but not necessary if it works and sounds fine to you

Fortunately I personally don’t hear any static noise:), so for now, at least, it’s not an issue, but thanks for the advice!
Anyway I think I’m going with the Aune X1s pro.
Has a fixed preamp (which I really like, so I have to use just one knob for the volume when I’m using my speakers), works with optic (for me is a must since my source is an Xbox), has a really nice DAC from what I’m seeing around, but not much power as an headphone AMP, which for me is ok because I have only my Nighthawks 32ohm and incoming some Beyerdynamic 1770 250ohm.
Also I’m looking for some other headphone in the future to complete my collection, but everything I’m looking for will not require more than 300ohm.
If anyone has an advice for a DAC/AMP combo, as you can see, I will gladly hear that out! About my third headphone… We will talk in the future;)
I’ll keep this thread updated even if months will pass:) have a nice day buddies and thanks again!
(Anyway, just sayin’, I solved that FM radio thing forcing my parents to use an app on the xbox for that purpose xD).