New system budget

My question is, when budgeting for a new or first system, how much of your budget should be dedicated to speakers, and sources? Percentage wise? I’m just looking for ball park percentage. Not necessarily monetarily…I know that varies and to have some wiggle room.

I mean something like 70% speakers/headphones and 30% amp and dac or whatever other source. It also depends on if the specific speaker/headphone is more power hungry or amp dependant. The speakers/headphones are going to make the biggest difference, so if you want the most bang for the buck put more money into the speakers/headphones

Yup. Half or more of your budget should go to your speakers. That’s where you’ll get the most bang for the buck.

Yes I would only say something like 50 50 is you have a setup that is heavily dependant on good amplification, and still more budget should go the amp then the dac

Thank you for the inputs… I was thinking along those lines.