New to banana plug world! Advice needed

Dear Hifi Guides community,

I hear a lot of terminology thrown around regarding wires, and I’ll start this off by saying I think what I need are “binding posts” such as these.

I currently have some 30+ year old Advents given to me by my father. They use spring clips and I’ve been attaching raw copper wire to them as I was instructed to. Upon learning about the larger hifi world, I came upon the concept of banana plugs! I have loads of speaker wire at my disposal so I’ll be happy to set aside a few minutes to strip and banana (verb) some 4 ends to continue with my upgrade to the LS50s I snagged on audiogon (shipping soon!). Having made these plans, and realizing the convenience of the banana plugs, am I correct that the above link for a “binding post” is my ticket for converting my old spring clip style inlet to a banana compatible one?


So, banana plugs are more for convenience and not sonic benefit (in fact people prefer bare wire for sound quality on extremely high end setups but it doesn’t matter for this one), but if you wanted to make it more convenient you can get those binding posts above and disassemble the advents and replace the binding posts no problem :+1:

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@M0N to the rescue. I thank you again.

There are some pretty nice pre-made cables with banana plugs pre-installed made by Micca. That’s what I use for my family’s RB42 pair.